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Walk Forward Method
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Walk Forward Backtesting
Walk Forward Cluster Analysis
Visual Input Value Analysis
3D Value Analysis
Volatility Analysis
Entry only Analysis(Potential)
Probability Map Potential)
Weekday+Intraday Time Analysis
Detect Market Long/Short Bias
Detect Strategy Trading Frequency
Highspeed exit variation Tester
Multi Symbol/Chart Overview
Position Profit/Loss Chart
Result Distribution Chart
Instant Position View + Excursion
Integrated Performance Analyzer
Prepare your Strategy for BTWFMgr
Walk Forward Period+Position Viewer
Export to MS Access Database
Detailed Walk Forward Diagnostics
Use Context Values for best Results
BTWFMgr with Sierra Charts
BTWFMgr with AmiBroker
BTWFMgr with MultiCharts
Handling Partial Exits
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