Professional Software Screen Capture Instructions

Below you will find instruction on how to capture a screen as an image file,
which you can then send a an email attachment or insert into a document

1. Open the chart in tradestation and navigate to the area/section you want to capture
2. In Tradestation click on File/Save As Picture ..
3. Navigate to the folder you want to save the picture in - i.e. "My Documents/My Pictures"
3. Click on SAVE AS button
4. Change "Save as Type" to JPEG (from "Windows Btimap") 
5. Enter a filename, containing the symbol, etc - i.e. "MSFT_Daily_20050110"
6. Click on the SAVE button
7. Attach the new picture file (MSFT_Daily_20050110.jpeg) to the email
or insert into your Word Document

Alternative way to capture any screen schot:

1. Bring up the screen you want to capture
2. Press and hold the SHIFT button then click on the PrtScrn button on your keyboard and release
This will capture the current screen into the internal memory
3. Open a new (Word) Document
4. Paste the captured Picture with Edit/Paste (or Ctrl+V)
Then press Enter twice and write your comments regarding the picture
5. If you have several pictures - repeat 1. thru 4.
6. Save the new (Word) Document
7. Email the new document as an attachment
8. To edit the picture - open the standard MS Paint program:
Start/Run/Enter mspaint/Click on OK
9. Paste the captured Picture with Edit/Paste (or Ctrl+V)
10. To select only a selection of the full picture:
Click on the Select box to enter select mode, the cross cursor appears
11. Click on the upper left corner and drag the mouse - while holding down the mouse button -
to the lower right corner - and release
The dotted lines show you your selection - if you made a mistake click Edit/Undo (Ctrl+Z) and repeat
12. Capture your rectangle as a new picture, with Edit/Copy
Then follow above 3. and 4.
13. To enter text into the Chart/Picture:
Click on the Text box to enter text mode,, the cross cursor appears
14. Click on the upper left corner for the new text, and type in your text

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