Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr) Download
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Try the "Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr)" on your computer today for 15 days for FREE!!!
(Check the updates for version improvements details)

Main BTWFMgr Download_________________________________
Backtesting + Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr) (Ver 3.1a (Feb 29, 2016), Size 31.1Mb)
  (Alternate Download)  

Check out the Video how to install and run BTWFMgr in MultiCharts(BT_MC64.mp4)  
The the demo/trial version you have 15 days and up to 10 data conversions available using YOUR strategy.

The location were the "Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager" will be installed is: 

Check the Update Page for recent improvements and new features.

Multicharts.exe Administrator______________________
Download the current Multicharts data collection module PSS_BT64.zip  and replace
Remember to set the Administrator setting in the MultiCharts64.exe settings:

For the new Multicharts Beta Version 12 - download and extract BT_MC12.zip to

x64 Bit Beta Version______________________________
This is a new beta BTWFMgr version - which is ONLY needed for very large 2GB+ backtesting results in the btwf2 file!
To activate the new x64bit beta version:
a) Close all open BTWFMgr windows/processes
b) Delete the current (32bit) version:
c) Copy the x64 Version to the main location:
C:\BTWFMgr\BTWFMgr64.exe to C:\BTWFMgr\BTWFMgr.exe
When you open BTWFMgr - check the "x64" label in the Help/About Box:

To switch back to the 32bit version copy:
C:\BTWFMgr\BTWFMgr32.exe to C:\BTWFMgr\BTWFMgr.exe 
Download the current data collection module PSS_BT64.zip  and replace C:\BTWFMgr\PSS_BT64.DLL 

If you get a "side by side configuration has failed" error - when you run x64 BTWFMgrexe;
you might need to install the VC2008 setup: vcredist_x64_SP1.exe

AmiBroker Instructions____________________________
AmiBroker Download Instructions

AmiBroker BTWFMgr Instructions

Manual Install ___________________________________
On some computers f the BTWFMgr installation above might fail.
For that case we have prepared also an option to manually install BTWFMgr:
a) Download  BTWFMgr_31a (48.0MB) (Alternate Download
b) Extract all files to C:\BTWFMgr
c) Import the BTWFMgr functions into TradeStation from: 
d) Open the main BTWFMgr application from: 
    which should load and open the WalkFwd.btwf1 sample files
e) Open the License manager from:
    or from BTWFMgr using the about/help toolbar button

Note: The TradeStation performance might in some cases be slightly different than the BTWFMgr performance
because trades which enter and exit in the SAME BAR are not registered in BTWFMgr.

The BTWFMgr performance for stocks is usually based on the fixed Trading Amount defined in:
"StockTradeAmount" = 100,000$ (StockTradeAmount/Initial Data Conversion)
To use the actual Stock Trading size from the TradeStation strategy set
StockUseTrdAmt=YES in the BTWFMgr Configuration/Initial Data Conversion.

The Profit/Loss is reduced by the commission (includes slippage) for the in and out trade:
PL=$100, Commission+Clippage=5$, Net PL=$90 ($100 - 2x$5)
TradeStation Performance Differences to BTWFMgr

BTWFMgr Main Programs only (32 and x64) (Version 3.1a3) Apr 8th, 2016 (3.15MB)    
Extract all files directly to

PSS_BT.DLL 32 bit module (266,240 bytes)

VC2008 x64 setups: 2008_SP1  2008 

  Copyright 1998-2016, Burkhard Eichberger, Professional Software Solutions
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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