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We offer custom consulting for major trading platforms and have 10+ years experience:
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We are an approved Easy Language Specialist:
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The following Tools and Indicators are available from Professionel Software Solutions:

Professionel Software Solutions Products:  The following powerful utilities are available:

Trading Simulator (PssTrdSim)  
Allows you to replay/trade and  test your interactive trading skills (any market and timeframe)
Eichberger Bands (PssEichB)
Eichberger Bands - the improved Bollinger Bands without the lag and overshoots
Diamond Backtesting and Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr)  
State of the art powerful "Swiss army knife" when it comes to optimizing and analyzing your trading strategies -also with walk forward backtesting 
Universal Trend Detection System (UNITRDES)  
"Never miss a trend again" - detects and displays the trend in any timeframe and market!
Trading Performance Analyzer (TrdPerfAna)
Details analysis and optimization of your live or back tested TradeStation® Strategy Results
Check out the Overview sample here
Portfolio Backtesting Sequence Manager (BTSeqMgr)
Save hours by running backtests for your Portfolio - automatically in a customizable series of backtests with BTSeqMgr
for any list of symbols(Portfolio) and timeframes (overnight or over a weekend) in TradeStation®

Bar Countdown Utility
Alerts you when the current bar closes and real-time and of the time left.

Internet Connection Monitor
Alerts immediately when you Internet connections drops,
so you can avoid very costly missed orders - because your trading strategy did not send your orders

We also offer any custom programming you might need for Multicharts and TradeStation® 

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Buy/Sell Pressure Indicator

This smart  Buy/Sell Pressure(BSP) Indicator can detect trend changes and exhaustion
points much earlier than regular oscillating indicators (RSI, CCI, EMA, MACD etc).
Here is an example were you can see how we get early trigger signals:

The first significant opposing bar gives the signal (11:27 Short Entry or Sell Exit)
Try it yourself - 15 days trial period for free:

The Buy/Sell Pressure Indicator offers two approaches:
- Focus on high spikes in on direction (as the example above shows)
- Focus on a continuous sequence of bars in the same direction
  and enter when the first bar in the opposite direction occurs
  (Example: at 12:45 4 red consecutive bars end)
Note: BSP can only be used for tradable symbols (not indexes)
on X Minute Intraday charts, and daily charts - use 1440 min Intraday

Order Buy/Sell Pressure Indicator here

Rapid Response Smooth Average (RareAvg)

When following the often erratic Price movements you are always facing a dilemma:

Now after extensive research, we have developed the "Rapid Response Average Indicator Set" (RareAvg),
which combines the best of both worlds: fast response to changes together with smooth transitions!

In the graph below you can see RareAvg(Yellow) compared with the Exponential(Red) and Linear(Cyan) Average Indicator.
(You can adjust the RareAvg Indicator - see "Parameters" below)

The “Rapid Response Smooth Average (RareAvg)” in the chart above is thick yellow – compared to the usual “Linear Regression Avg” (cyan) and “Exponential Mov Avg (red).
As you can see RareAvg combines the best of both worlds: fast response to changes with smooth transitions!
The 2nd Graph compares the “Rapid Response smooth RSI”  (thick green/yellow/red line) with the “Regular choppy RSI” (thin green/cyan/red line)..
The 3nd Graph compares the “Rapid Response smooth CCI”  (thick green/yellow/red line) with the “Regular choppy CCI” (thin cyan line).
As you can see in these examples the RareAvg Indicators offers you excellent signals, by combining a sophisticated rapid response logic with a smooth/non-choppy graph..

We have also included the new rapid response smooth RSI, CCI, MACD and Bollinger Band indicators for you:
Below you can see the new rapid response smooth MACD indicators:

The 3nd Graph above shows the “Smooth Rapid Response MACD”  (thick green/yellow line) with an earlier cross-over
than the “Regular choppy MACD” (thin green/yellow line) in the 2nd Graph.

Below you can see the new rapid response smooth Bollinger Band indicators:

In the chart above you we present also the smooth “Rapid Response Bollinge Bands” (white dotted line) and
the “Rapid Response Smooth Average (RareAvg)” in the chart above is thick yellow – compared to the usual “Linear Regression Avg” (cyan) and “Exponential Mov Avg (red).
As you can see RareAvg combines the best of both worlds: fast response to changes with smooth transitions!

Rapid Response Average Parameters:
You can adjust the "Rapid Response Indicators" behavior using the following input parameters:

Parameter Description
LengthMain This is the main parameter - setting the scope or lookback in bars - to be used in the calculations (20 Bars = default)
(affects mainly the responsiveness)
LengthSmooth Here you can set how smooth the average moves (0=default) - try 5,10, 15 etc
(affects the smoothness around the main line)
ResponseFac Defines how to respond to [sudden] price changes (0=default) - try 150,200, 250 etc
bContinuousIntraday Applies only to Intra-day charts
TRUE   = Calculate as one continuous line
FALSE= Reset the calculation for each new day  (to avoid overshoots on strong gap days)

Order the Rapid Response Smooth Average Indicator here


Trend Reversal and Strength Indicator (TrendRev)

This indicator set helps you detect the strength, direction and reversal opportunities in short -term trends.
You have the following two indicators available:

In the sample graph below you can see 2 profitable Short entries (Red Arrow) and 3 Long entries (2 break even, 1 profitable)
In the chart above we present the “Trend Reversal and Strength Indicator (TrendRev)”.
It uses powerful logic to detect the current trend strength and trend direction/reversals at an early stage.
The 2nd Indicator (thick white/yellow line) shows the strength and “age” of the trend.
The 3rd Indicator (thick red/white/green line) shows the current trend direction and early reversal points

Order the Trend Reversal+Strength Indicators here

Robust Regression System

This powerful "Robust Regression System (RRS))" indicator is showing you
the direction and strength of trends with all the noise filtered out.
It uses the sophisticated statistical methods developed by A.F.Siegel and P.J.Rousseeuw.
You can use the RRS pivots above a minimum (yellow) trigger line for entries,
or the trend green/red cross-overs for reversals.
See the red(short) and green(long) signals in the example below,

In the chart above we present the “Robust Regression System (RRS)”.  It uses sophisticated noise filter logic to show you
the trend strength and trend reversals at an early stage. Green = Up Trend, Red = Down Trend

Order the Robust Regression System Indicator here

for more details see:
P.J. Rousseeuw "Robust Regression and Outlier Detection" 1987 and
A.F.Siegel "Robust Regression using repeated Medians" 1982

Advanced Normalized Momentum Indicator

This powerful indicator can detect trend reversals early;
See the red(short) and green(long) signals in the example below,
when the trend reverses from an extreme (look for trend Pivots from significant extremes)
Testimony from a client(XavierM): "I have tried other momentum versions, 
but this Momentum indicator is by far the cleanest and reacts quicker than any paid or free version that I have come accross."

In the chart above we present the “Advanced Normalized Momentum Indicator” .  It shows trend reversals (crossing the neural yellow line) and trend strength (excursion into green/red areas)

Order the Advanced Momentum Indicator here

Advanced ZigZag Line Indicator

This powerful indicator assist you in quickly identifying recent price wave ranges and patterns (like Elliot, butterfly, Gartley etc)
See the green and red dots indicate major price pivots. Dots with a black center have been superceded by better pivots.
The cyan lines represent the major price waves - as a base for fibonacci retracement calculations

Order the Advanced ZigZag Line Indicator here

Chart Pattern Recognition & Detection Engine (PssCPRE)

The "Chart Pattern Recognition Engine (PssCPRE)" allows you automatically detect sophisticated price and pivot patterns in Charts.
Download and Try for free Order    Detailed Example  PatternList  ConfigDetails 

Examples of provided Chart Patterns
Gartley (Bullish/Bearish)
Butterfly (Bullish/Bearish)
Stackzone (Bullish/Bearish)
AB=CD (Bullish/Bearish)
Bat (Bullish/Bearish)
Crab (Bullish/Bearish)
5-0 (Bullish/Bearish)
Shark (Bullish/Bearish)
Drive3 (Bullish/Bearish)

You simply define the details in a small pattern configuration file with the retracement ranges etc.
The "Chart Pattern Recognition Engine (PssCPRE)" will process each bar and check for new pivots were the condition(s) you specify are fulfilled.
The "Chart Pattern Recognition Engine (PssCPRE)" can then be easily integrated within a trading strategy or indicator!

Detailed Example: Gartley Bullish

Here is an actual example of a Gartley Bullish formation (CRMT Feb 21, 2003):
The pattern configuration file(PR_GartleyBull.txt) defines the details of the expected formation (details below) and has several sections:
Symbols: Calc: Cond: Result: DiagStart:
AND=C1,C2,C3 ;20030101
5 Points
Wait for Low
Define 3 Ratios Define 3 Conditions Define final Result Optional diag start date
Detailed Diagnostics 
You can switch the detailed diagnostics on - by simply specifying a start date (Jan 1st, 2012) (remove the semicolon): 

New Pivot detecetd:
When a new Pivot is detected - the engine shows in the log file the detailed diagnostics:

Diagnostics - Bar#708[02/21/2003 16:00]: O=7.6700, H=7.7800, L=7.6700, C=7.7700, Vol=31350 - 5 KeyPoints (Max 19):

List of Pivot Points:

PivotPt-X: Bar= 616, Prc= 6.4100, Dir=-1, Type=2, Exp=0, Show=0 (Bar#617[10/10/2002 16:00]: O=6.5000, H= 6.7300, L=6.4100, C=6.6300, Vol=66750)
PivotPt-A: Bar= 664, Prc=10.0000, Dir=+1, Type=2, Exp=0, Show=0 (Bar#665[12/18/2002 16:00]: O=9.4300, H=10.0000, L=9.4300, C=9.9300, Vol=60750)
PivotPt-B: Bar= 671, Prc= 8.0000, Dir=-1, Type=2, Exp=0, Show=0 (Bar#672[12/30/2002 16:00]: O=8.1300, H= 8.4600, L=8.0000, C=8.4100, Vol=27450)
PivotPt-C: Bar= 685, Prc= 9.0700, Dir=+1, Type=2, Exp=0, Show=0 (Bar#686[01/21/2003 16:00]: O=8.6700, H= 9.0700, L=8.6700, C=9.0000, Vol=25950)
PivotPt-D: Bar= 705, Prc= 7.6300, Dir=-1, Type=2, Exp=0, Show=0 (Bar#706[02/19/2003 16:00]: O=7.7900, H= 7.7900, L=7.6300, C=7.6700, Vol=6975)
List of calculated Ratios:
Var=DRatio1 , Formula=BA/XA Res= 55.7103 Var1= 2.0000, Var2= 3.5900
Var=DRatio2 , Formula=BC/BA Res= 53.5000 Var1= 1.0700, Var2= 2.0000
Var=DRatio3 , Formula=DC/BC Res= 134.5794 Var1= 1.4400, Var2= 1.0700
List of Conditions check if in specified Range:
Cond: InRange : Var= 55.7103(DRatio1 ), Min= 50.0000, Max= 78.6000
Cond: InRange : Var= 53.5000(DRatio2 ), Min= 38.2000, Max= 88.6000
Cond: InRange : Var= 134.5794(DRatio3 ), Min= 127.0000, Max= 161.8000
Final overall Result:
CalcPattern: Result=1, Type=A(And) Cnt=3(Max=3)

Chart Pattern configuration file

Defines the pivot letters/symbols
used for each pivot
Defines which ratios are calculated - using the symbols for the pivot points above
Defines condition(s) and the expected range(s) for a given Ratio
Defines which condition(s) need to be true for the overall result to be successful (true = 100%)
Defines which values are show in the chart.
The Conditions (C1,C2,C3 etc) are shown as 0%(False or 100%(True)


Optional switch to turn on diagnostic - showing logging with additional information from the specified starting date (YYYYMMDD)

EasyLanguage code: PSS_I_PPRes   PR_TRD.txt  
You can of cause use the "Chart Pivot Pattern Recognition Engine" for trading inside a strategy! - PR_TRD.txt  
Simply check for main result of 100% - shown in the chart as "PRVal01"
Check if the new bar has triggered (value jumps from 0 to 100):  
if arrVal1[0] = 100 THEN
    Buy next bar at market;

Order the Chart Pivot Pattern Recognition Engine here   

Provided Chart Recognition Patterns:

Gartley Bullish (PR_GartleyBull.txt) - CRMT Daily May 2003: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_GA1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_GA1.wsp) 
Gartley Bearish (PR_GartleyBear.txt) - ADI Daily Apr 2010: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_GA2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_GA2.wsp) 
Butterfly Bullish (PR_ButterflyBull.txt) - ACET Daily June 2010: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_BF1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_BF1.wsp) 
Butterfly Bearish (PR_ButterflyBear.txt) - ADI Daily Oct 2011: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_BF2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_BF2.wsp) 
Stackzone Bullish (PR_StackzoneBull.txt) - AFSI Daily Sep 2011: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_SZ1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_SZ1.wsp)   Ref 
Stackzone Bearish (PR_StackzoneBear.txt) - ADI Feb 2003: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_SZ2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_SZ2.wsp)   Ref 
AB=CD Bullish (PR_ABCDBull.txt) - ABAX Daily Oct 2012: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_AB1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_AB1.wsp)   Ref 
AB=CD Bearish (PR_ABCDBear.txt) - SLAB Daily Jul 2013: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_AB2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_AB2.wsp)   Ref 
Bat Bullish (PR_BatBull.txt) - CSFL Daily Dec 2014: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_BA1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_AB1.wsp)   Ref 
Bat Bearish (PR_BatBear.txt) - AMWD Daily Aug 2004: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_BA2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_AB2.wsp)   Ref 
Crab Bullish (PR_CrabBull.txt) - AVAV Daily Feb 2013: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_CR1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_AB1.wsp)   Ref 
Crab Bearish (PR_CrabBear.txt) - AKAM Daily Feb 2014: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_CR2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_CB2.wsp)   Ref 
50 Bullish (PR_50Bull.txt) - CME Daily Jul 2014: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_5O1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_5O1.wsp)   
50 Bearish (PR_50Bear.txt) - EXLS Daily Jun 2014: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_5O2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_5O2.wsp)   
Shark Bullish (PR_SharkBull.txt) - BPOP Daily Feb 2015: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_SH1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_SH1.wsp)   
Shark Bearish (PR_SharkBear.txt) - CA Daily Mar 2014: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_SH2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_SH2.wsp)   
Drive3 Bullish (PR_DriveBull.txt) - NTAP Daily Jul 2004: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_DR1.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_DR1.wsp)   
Drive3 Bearish (PR_DriveBear.txt) - CATM Daily Jul 2012: Workspace: TradeStation(PR_DR2.tsw)  MultiCharts(PR_DR2.wsp)   


Identify and find the best Strategy/Trading Entry Points/Opportunities (FindTradingGems)

The FindGem set of indicators assist you in developing and optimizing strategies,
by visually identifying the bars with the maximum profits (Trading Gems) in your charts.
This helps you in your research if your indicators correlate with best entry points or not.
In the example below we show the correlation of the CCI indicator.  
FindGem inserts the Pivot points 60 bars backwards (default Scope)
so is not meant to be used for real time trading, but for trading strategy research.
The best Long opportunities are identified with the large green dot in the price chart and also
the yellow bar in the Long excursion indicator in the middle graph (PSS_I_FindGem_L).
The best Short opportunities are identified with the large red dot in the price chart and also
the yellow bar in the Short excursion indicator in the lower graph (PSS_I_FindGem_S).
You can also see easily the progression of the maximum favorable(green line) and
unfavorable(red dotted line). We have included here a CCI sample which correlates
in some cases nicely:

Order the Find Trading Gem Indicator here

Bar Countdown Utility

All trading strategies execute relevant orders and actions when the current bar closes.
The “Bar Countdown Utility (BarCDown)” utility:

Sample Screen shot of the TradeStation® Bar Countdown Control Window:

In this sample TraderStation displays 4 intraday charts:
2Min - 00:56 seconds left (MOT), two 5 Min - 3:55 left (GLW) and
1 Min ER2Z03 (countdown and sound alert disabled - no Time Left is displayed)
You can even define when the Market starts (HHMM) and
a custom offset (in seconds) for each symbol - click "Edit Configuration File":
The BarCDown.ini configuration file is at (C:\Program Files\Trader Add-On Utilities\BARCDown.ini.

The remaining time is updated in real-time in each chart

(In this 10 Minute chart 7 minutes and 38 seconds are left before a current bar closes)::

The time left is also show in each chart in your tradestation workspaces:

Order TradeStation® Bar Countdown Utility here

You can configure the sounds you want to play for each Bar type:
Click on the button:

Strategy/Indicator Speak Extension

This module allows you to generate any spoken text from your strategy or indicators in real-time,
alerting you of any significant events - with one simple command in EasyLanguage® like:

Try it yourself - 15 days trial period for free:

Order EasyLanguage® Speak Extension here
To use the EasyLanguage Speak Extension install:

Export any Chart Data to your Spreadsheet (CSV Format)

This indicator allows you to export any chart data into your spreadsheet program.
You can export daily, intraday or tick data.
The export is using the standard CSV (Comma separated Value) file format.
The exported data is written to a new file for each different Symbol:
C:\Program Files\TradeStation XXX\CSV\Symbol.csv  - Here is a sample:

Here you can see an example of exported data into a CSV Spreadsheet file,
so you can access the TradeStation data from other applications or analyze the data within your custom spreadsheets.

Try it yourself - 15 days trial period for free:

Order the Export Data Indicator here

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