TradeStation Trader Support Add-On Utilities - Download

Download Trader Support Add-On Utilities for MultiCharts
(Version 2.3v8, Size 3.7MB, Apr 16th, 2015)
After you download and run the setup - all files are in:
The Logic will be automatically imported into MultiCharts - once compiled close the PowerEditor and
then open any of the sample  workspaces - to start the trial:

You can also open any of the sample workspace directly form:

Download Trader Support Add-On Utilities for TradeStation
(Version 2.3v8, Size 2.41Mb, Nov 27th, 2015)
After you download the "Trader Support Add-On Utilities" install with:

Current Registration Module (1.8a) at

We suggest for Windows Vista users to turn the User Account Control (UAC) OFF
Start/Settings/Control Panel  click on "User Accounts"

 then uncheck the UAC checkbox and click on OK and reboot

Alternative TSADD Installation Module:
1. Download file
2. Extract to a new folder: "C:\Program Files\Trader Add-On Utilities"
3. Navigate to the new folder: "C:\Program Files\Trader Add-On Utilities"
4. Copy the three DLL files (PSS_F1.DLL,PSS_F2.DLL,PSS_PR.DLL) to C:\Windows\System32
5. Open sample workspace (PSS*.tsw)
6. Open the License Manager (TSReg.exe) to check the (trial) license for each product

Download Trader Support Add-On Utilities for TS 2000i
(Version 2.3q, Size 1.31Mb, Oct 4th, 2006)
After you have downloaded and installed the TS2000i AddOn setup package:
- Open the "EasyLanguage PowerEditor" (Start/Omega Research (OMGA)/EasyLanguage PowerEditor)
- File/Import - click on Import and NEXT, then click on BROWSE
- Enter "C:\Program Files\Trader TS2000i Add-On Utilities\TS2000A.ELS" and click on NEXT and NEXT
  this will import the logic into TS2000i ...
- Open the sample charts to start your  trial of the various Indicators/Functions:
- Start/Trader TS2000i Add-On Utilities/Sample XXX Chart
- The first time you might see the 15 day trial message box, just click on OK
- To check your (demo) license for the various indicators: Start/Trader TS2000i Add-On Utilities/License Manager

To use the EasyLanguage Speak Extension install:

2.3v Added Function value input to PFSS_F_Momentum Function
2.3s Added Windows Vista support
2.3q Added Pivot Pattern Recognition Engine
2.3p Added Advanced ZigZag Line Indicator
2.3o Added RareMACD
2.3n Added RareRSI and RareCCI
2.3m Added Trend Reversal+Strength Functionality
2.3l Added FindGem Functionality
2.3k Expand PSS_I_RareAvg to multiple symbols at the same time
Added PSS_I_RareAvgCgh to display the rate of change
2.3j Added Sample Speak Chart and error return message in print log for the Speak extension
2.3i Updated Voice Speech engine for Speak extension
2.3h Added Robust Regression System Indicator+Function (RRS)
2.3g Added Normalized Advanced Momentum Indicator+Function
(PSS_I_Momentum, PSS_F_Momentum)
2.3f Added Rapid Response Smooth Average
(PSS_I_RareAvg, PSS_F_RareAvg)
Added Export Data Indicator
2.3e Added direct install and portable DLL install
2.3d Added Medium to TSR
2.3c Added EasyLanguage® Speak Extension
Added Buy/Sell Pressure(BSP) Indicator
2.3b Revised Tradestation® Bar Countdown Utility 
2.3a Added Trade View for each Analysis Item
2.2c Added Amount per Point
2.2b Added Long/Short Filter
2.2a Added Entry+Exit Analysis
2.1 Added Week Day Analysis
2.0 Added HTML Format
1.0 Basic MHT Analysis

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