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Current BTWFMgr Pricing (inquire for special requests):

Subscription Length:  
One Year $249 (only $20.75/Month) - (up to 3 machines per User/WLAN)  Online -OR-
$220 (only $18.35/Month) - via US Check/Money Order (10% Discount)
Unlimited $499 (only $8.31Month - 60% discount - over 5 years) - (up to 3 machines per User/WLAN)
$450 (only $7.50/Month) - via US Check/Money Order ( 10% Discount)
US Check 10% Discount If you pay via a Check (USA) - you receive and additional 10% discount send us an email
Referrals  You receive 10% when you refer a new client - just include "referred by: YourEmail" in the new order!

Please note that there are no refunds since you can test the product in full BEFORE you buy it!

See the EULA here for details. (Text
NO cost for Shipping & Handling - delivery only via download!

Before you submit your order obtain your PERSONAL CODE:
1. Download and install Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr) then start the License Manager
   (Start/Programs/Trading Performance Analyzer/License Manager)
2. Enter your complete email address
3. Now your PERSONAL CODE has been automatically copied to the Clipboard
4. Retrieve your PERSONAL CODE with Ctrl+V and submit with your order
    (Example: bt:69lii6+2666k55+pss@pobox.com)

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One Year Subscription BTWFMgr license - $249
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Unlimited Subscription BTWFMgr license - $499
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