StockTax Help

Welcome to the "Stock Traders Tax & Accounting Companion" called "StockTax".

StockTax can process transaction data from many different Brokers;
then sort, match and calculate all your transaction to produce a report in a few seconds,
saving you (or your accountant) many hours of tedious and error prone work!
StockTax also analyses your transactions in an optional summary at the end of the report.
StockTax will first run for free in Demo mode for 30 days,
then you need to register to continue using StockTax.

We are continuously improving and updating StockTax, so check the Web site at: - Send suggestions and questions to:

We recommend that you visit the StockTax Tutorial to get you quickly up to speed.

Step1: Select your Broker
Step2: Select your Data Files
Step3: Define Report Details
Step4: Run the Report
Fee Calculation

Sample Screen:
StockTax will highlight the current button ("Select your Data Files" in this example):StockTax Sample Screen

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