Interactive Broker(IB) Consulting Services by Professional Software Solutions (PSS)
"Custom IB software for your needs!"    (developed by Professional Software Solutions)
I can create custom [trading and backtesting] software for you - tailored exactly to your needs!
I have more than 10+ years software development experience for Interactive Broker (IB), TradeStation, Multicharts, Amibroker etc! Contact me at:     

Completed Software project examples:
Automated Trading Systems  Automated Trading from external Signals High Speed Backtesting of Trading Systems
Managing Bracket/OCO orders 8000 Stock Database with Daily Prices etc Trailing Stops with Market Order
Trade hedged Pairs Scanning web pages for signals/prices/etc Custom DepthOfMarket(DOM)+Bid/Ask
Create custom charts Interactive Broker (IB) Portfolio   All Markets:
Volatility (VIX) Trading and backtesting Account & Position Details Exporter Stocks, Futures, Options, FOREX, Volatility
Our consulting services are listed in the  Interactive Broker (IB) Programming Consultant third-party Marketplace:
Instructions to vote for PSS (click here for instructions) 
Instructions on how to Prepare your IB TWS(TraderWorkStation) for remote/API access  
Instructions on how to setup free Paper Trading  
We can create custom software for you - tailored to for your needs
based on 10+ years software experience for Interactive Broker (IB), TradeStation, Multicharts etc!
Software project examples:
- Automated Trading Systems 
- Automated Trading from external Signals
- High Speed Backtesing of Trading System
- Managing Bracket/OCO orders
- 8000 Stock Database with Daily Prices etc
- Trailing Stops with Market Order
- Bid/Ask tracking
- Trade hedged Pairs
- Scanning web pages for signals/prices/etc
- Custom DepthOfMarket(DOM)
- All Markets: Stocks, Futures, Forex
- Create custom charts
- Interactive Broker (IB) Portfolio 
More Info at: 


IB Portfolio Bridge: We developed the "Interactive Broker Bride" and "Real-time visual Portfolio Manager
View demo video (best full screen):  YouTube Download Video File:  Mpeg  MP4    
The "IB Bridge Module" allows you to connect the "Real-time visual Portfolio Manager (RTVisPM)" directly to the Interactive Broker(IB) Portfolio.
The RTVisPM Portfolio will automatically be updated as you open/modify/close positions in IB.
It can track/record automatically all your IB trades and provide a "Trade Event" spreadsheet for your accounting/analysis: Live_Evt.xls Live_Evt.csv 
With the PssStockTax module you can automatically match all buy/sells etc - from the "Trade Event" spreadsheet and create your Equity Chart etc and Position List.



Preparing the IB TradeWorkStation(TWS) 

Below are instructions for the one-time setup - to enable access to the TWS for the external custom software/API module:
Step1 - Open/Login to the TWS
Step2 - Open Configuration in TWS
Click on Edit/Global Configuration
Step3 - Open Configuration in TWS
Click on the "API" and "Settings" tab on the right and you will see all the API (Application Program Interface) settings:
Step4 - Adjust Settings
Set the following "API" Settings as shown below:
a) Enable Socket Clients checkbox
b) Uncheck "Read Only" checkbox
c) Enter Master API Client ID "1818"
d) Check "Allow connections from localhost only"
e) OK
f) Exit TWS and restart


API/Order Precautions
In some cases you might need to disable the normal precautions for orders:
General Order Precautions
In some cases you might need to adjust the general order precautions:
Paper Trading Account Setup
In It is very helpful to setup a "Paper Trading Account" for free - so you can test the software, but not loose any actual money!
Go to: Settings > Account Settings
In the right hand column - click on the Paper Trading settings icon:

Setup a username and password and 
Select the account for the data feed and ENABLE sharing of the market data subscriptions:

Go to: Manage Account > Settings > Paper Trading and create a new "paper trading" login/user name and password:

to connect your new Paper Trading to the real-time live market data feed:

a) select Manage Account -> Settings -> Paper Trading

b) Enable "Share real-time market data  ..." check box and click on "Apply":

Paper Trading Account Reset and Management
You can reset the Paper Account Balance - login to your new Paper Trading Account - then select "Trade/Reset":

and also manage the Paper Account   


Instructions how to Vote for PSS on the Interactive Broker(IB) Consultants Page

Step1 - Open the "Professional Software Solutions" entry in the IB Marketplace consultant list
a) Open the IB Marketplace for consultants - click here  
b) "Professional Software Solutions" is listed on the top row - then click on the blue "More Information" button:
c) Click on the "Rate this Provider" button in the top right corner of the our consultant detail page:

d) Which opens the Client Vote box - scroll down and click on the Vote Register link (unless you are already registered)
e) Login to your regular Account and create a new "Online feature" Login for the Voting:
For security purposes your Screen Name is separate and distinct from your 
Interactive Brokers Account Username and cannot be used to access your account.
Screen Names and passwords must be between 4-8 characters in length and may only contain letters and numbers.


Step2 - Submitting your Vote
a) After you established the Voting Login above (one time) click on the "Rate Provider Box" and 
enter your vote login name and password you created above:

b) Click on the Rating (5 is the best) and enter your comments:

c) Finally click on the "Submit" button to cast your vote - Thank you!




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User Date Voted Comments
mcaps888 2018-10-30 Program came together quickly and very professionally.  I am very pleased with the results and usability of the application, and highly recommend PSS and Burkhard for anyone looking to build a trading system.  Looking forward to future developments already. SSCS (Michael)
CMD1 2018-08-30 Very easy to work with / charged a reasonable price. He exceeded expectations in terms of the work done and the time it took. Very satisfied! Volatility ETF Trading System (VETS)
ibmp7722 2018-08-24 Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. Highly recommend! IPEX(Account & Position Details Exporter)
PraK 2018-07-03 Burkhard is really a nice person. He does meticulously on the project. He also helps on the several issues arised during the project tenure. 
His turnaround is fast and he is flexible to accommodate if something comes in last hour. Very helpful. 
SDLT(LiveTrading and Backtesting) 
keanjo 2018-06-06 Burkhard is patient, responsive & well versed in JAVA & the IB platform! Developed a complex algo & managed 2 work thru multiple unforeseen issues. TSASI(Interactive Scalper)
ccornett 2018-05-04 very responsive, quick turn-around, thorough, reasonable pricing, a pleasure to deal with VIWF(Volatility Backtesting)
DAVIDPPE 2018-03-15 Hire Burkhard if you want unsurpassed "programming value-for-money". David Piggott, P. Eng. IBALGO (Multi Year Trading System)
talai 2017-08-02 Burkhard is very good and fast in writing a program for me for both backtesting and live trading. NTSS (NYSE TICK Strategy System)
DanaD 2017-05-12 Very impressed- excellent work. Very fast service. Excellent price for project. Very knowledgeable. I plan more projects !! SNMM (Safety Net Monitor Module-Dana)
trader_a 2017-05-11 Very knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, and easy to work with! I highly recommend Burkhard. I will be working with him on future projects. ATSI (Automated True Strength Index Strategy-Jay)
shep 2017-05-05 I'm very pleased with the work. Burkhard was very responsive, I recommend using Burkhard's services.. PBTS (Pullback Backtesting System-Brian) 
kakyabi 2017-05-04 Burkhard, was very professional and easy to work with. Delivered the indicator as requested within a matter of days of starting the work. KAIS (KhalidA Ichimoku System) 
dtrader1 2016-11-18 It's been great working with Burkhard. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. Very easy to to talk to. I highly recommend him! ADM (Automated DMI Trading Module-Jay)I
BryanS76 2016-11-08 Burkhard was excellent, took original brief and worked thru logic to exactly match requirements. Highly recommend for strategy building Bryan PCATR
herewego 2016-11-02 Burkhard took my initial requirements and delivered, exceeding all of my expectations. I will definitely be using his services again. IMES
trader09 2016-10-13 Best programmer! Burkhard completed highly complex systems and API modules for us. Superior grasp of information and knowledge. On time. Professional. SITM(Shane)
kramnor2 2016-10-04 -Excellent communication -Made changes quickly. -With my narrative created automatic strategy. - Completed ahead of schedule. IBS
gflinn 2016-08-18 A pleasure to work with. We are finishing ahead of schedule. Looking forward to working with again. ECS
jul0625 2016-08-08 Burkhard was a pleasure to work with - he was very capable and completed my project efficiently and on time. Would use him again! AITB
travisv 2016-07-27 Does a great job in a timely manner. He was very helpful and informative. I highly recommend. MovAvg
dave_yyz 2016-06-28 Fantastic. Well organized and experienced. Highly collaborative. Very cost effective. Highly recommended. MPMS
fork4k 2016-03-27 BTWFMgr is feature rich & fast. Burkhard is very helpful and open to feature suggestions. After time spent learning the software, it's great.
ttrail 2016-03-15 well done and professional developer to work with.
Miss: ATTS(Chris), IA(Dave), PK, PMTM(Dan Mc), VIX-VFEM(Carl),

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