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The Osho Neo-Sannays Movement was an interesting and amazing worldwide phenomenon!

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(SwMadhur) am very grateful for the amazing adventure and meeting so many adventurous souls and friends and the beautiful side of the Neo-Sannyas Movement:
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Below are also many controversial topics showing the Dark Side (check out also neosannyasilluminatingthedarkside)
Osho endorses actual MurderOsho uses woman for sexAntelope Broken 1982 AgreementRajneeshpuram Murder PlotsRajesh-DayWeGotGunsSheelaInstructedByOshoSheela confronting Osho  
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Beautiful & Light Side of the Osho Neo-Sannyas Movement
I am so grateful for the amazing adventure and meeting so many adventurous souls and friends and the beautiful side of the Neo-Sannyas Movement 
and becoming Swami Madhur Mar 20th, 1980 enjoying also Vipassana in Buddha Hall
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Most tribal people come together in the evening and
wholeheartedly sing, dance amd celebrate the life we have been given – a bit of heaven on earth….
We seem to have lost this to some extend …
This clip hopefully conveys some of that spirit (sorry for the poor audio from 1979)

AnandRajen(AlanLowe) 2Hour-Interview  
I worked in the Diogenes Computer Dept in the Socrates Bld 1985/86 and always loved the Diogenes/Alexander story - Enjoy :-)
Listen here: (from Sufi Perfect Master I #07_27.06.1978) 
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Osho, India and Me’ by Krishna Prem
The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi and a Journey of the Heart
OSHO: The Buddha for the Future by Maneesha James
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Below are also many controversial topics showing the Dark Side
Netflix: "Wild Wild Country" Documentary IMDB
57 Answers to Questions About Rajneeshpuram from a Teenage Resident PDF  Bhagwan’s Sexism PDF 
Rajneesh Cult exposed(Part2)Osho not interested in Truth   Part3   SheelaJourneyFinished 
Osho endorses actual Murder   from the famous "Hitler Tape" Aug 15, 1985 Rajneeshpuram FBI Wiki Source   Murder Plots Details
Osho/Bhagwan confirmed "it is going to be necessary to kill some [Oregon] people[Charles Turner etc]  and killing was NOT such a bad thing!
in a reply to objections from disciples who had a problem killing people - from a sworn FBI testemony of Ava Avalos - Page 52 - full PDF here 
also mentioning "Hitler was a great man with vision" 

Several Murder Plots were also planned (May 1985) Ed Comini in Dallas, OR:

Murder Plots Details
Osho jokes about One Million Jews peaceful evaporating in holy Smoke towards God 
Listen Here (Osho_HitlerGhandi_19850815Love.mp3)     
"Hitler/Ghandi Full Discource" Aug 16, 1985 Rajneeshpuram - from "Death to Deathlessness"
27:20 "In fact, Adolf Hitler’s violence with the Jews was far more peaceful, because he killed people in the most up-to-date gas chambers, where you don’t take much time.
Thousands of people can be put in a gas chamber, and just a switch is pressed. Within a second you will not know when you were alive and when you died. 
Within a second, you evaporate. The chimneys of the factory start taking you, the smoke - you can call it the holy smoke - and 
this seems to be a direct way towards God. The smoke simply goes upwards.
37:30 "And if Adolf Hitler burned one million Jews in a very scientific, peaceful way - NOBODY WAS TORTURED - what is the difference between these people?" 
47:40 "I have said I have a certain love for Adolf Hitler, for the simple reason that at least he was straightforward; Gandhi was not. Adolf Hitler was not cunning. 
Whatever he wanted to do he did. He was a LITTLE crazy, but a crazy man managed to be the world’s greatest conqueror. He had some integrity, some insight. 
Germany is a small country, but he managed to threaten the whole world. And he was not a hypocrite. That’s why I have said I love the man."  
Rajneeshpuram Murder Plots
Many More details in Les Zaitz The Oregonian Apr 2011  Detailed Research in Rajneeshees in Oregon 
Part5 Rajneeshees’ Utopian Dreams Collapse as Talks Turn to Murder:
Ma Anand Sheela's gaze swept over the commune leaders seated on the floor before her. She was in an especially dark mood.
"Are you people cowards or are you sannyasins of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh?" she asked.
The day before, a jury shocked the commune by awarding $1.7 million to a former Rajneeshee for an unpaid loan. The judgment was part of ever-worsening developments for the eastern Oregon compound.
Sheela said the verdict showed the Rajneeshees couldn't count on fair treatment from U.S. courts or anyone else. The commune's enemies had to be stopped, she said.
They had to be killed.
That night, Sheela was an exhausted and nearly defeated woman. For four years, she had done the bidding of Rajneesh, an Indian guru who pressed Sheela to build him an international commune. Sheela chose to do that on a 64,000-acre ranch an hour's drive north of Madras. 
Many of those seated before her had helped. The mix this May night in 1985 included the presidents of the commune, its investment corporation and its medical operation. The mayor of the sect's city was there, as were a handful of operatives who had secretly executed most of Sheela's plots.
After Sheela spoke, another leader gave what amounted to a pep talk, supporting Sheela's startling call to action.
One woman raised her hand. "I can't kill anybody, but I support you if you do it." Two men protested that the idea of murder was insane. They were browbeaten as cowards.
Others, startled by Sheela's proposal, kept their qualms to themselves because of growing mistrust among the insiders. The meeting proceeded to identifying enemies for a growing hit list. So far, outrageous acts hadn't helped the Rajneeshee cause. The secret squads poisoned several hundred people in The Dalles. They set fire to the county planning office. They exploited homeless people, costing Oregon taxpayers $100,000 in bus fare to return them to their cities of origin.
Murder didn't make much sense, either, but the judgment of the leaders was crippled by exhaustion, isolation and their unwavering faith in the guru.
More meetings followed the extraordinary session in Sheela's bedroom, the scene for much of her plotting. She went to the guru for help stiffening the resolve of those participating. She returned with a tape of her conversation. Although the quality was poor, the commune insiders heard Rajneesh say that if 10,000 had to die to save one enlightened master, so be it. Their top target was Charles Turner, the U.S. attorney for Oregon. His prosecutors were investigating immigration fraud at the commune. A federal mediator disclosed to the Rajneeshees that criminal charges were likely and might include the guru himself. He also disclosed that Sheela probably would be charged.
Sheela thought killing Turner would somehow derail the investigation. 
A plan evolved to gun him down on his way home. One of the assassins traveled the country with another sannyasin, buying pistols that couldn't be traced. Others set up a safe house in Portland, which became the base for scouting Turner's home. On one occasion, two assassins sat in a McDonald's in Downtown Portland across from Turner's office, sipping coffee and monitoring his movements. They considered gunning him down in a parking garage but couldn't figure an easy way to escape.
Dave Frohnmayer, the state attorney general, was targeted as well.
To determine with certainty where he lived, one Rajneeshee posed as a Bible salesman to reach his front door. Others staked out Frohnmayer's office in Salem.
A team of three went to Portland to kill James Comini as he lay in St. Vincent Hospital, recovering from ear surgery
As a Wasco County commissioner, Comini had been critical of the Rajneeshees, and he kept up his criticism after leaving office.

There was danger for enemies on the ranch as well. Much of the planning focused on killing two of the guru's personal staff: his doctor, Swami Devaraj, and his caretaker, Ma Yoga Vivek. Sheela convinced the others that the two were a threat to the guru. As proof, she played a secretly recorded conversation in which the doctor agreed to obtain drugs the guru wanted to ensure a peaceful death if he decided to take his own life. The assignment to kill Vivek went to Ma Anand Ava and Ma Anand Su, president of the sect's investment firm and also known as Susan Hagan. The two set out late one night to catch Vivek in her room. They carried an ether-soaked rag to render her unconscious. In anticipation, Su trimmed her fingernails so no flesh would get trapped as evidence if Vivek fought. The plan was for Ava to inject her with a lethal combination of potassium and adrenaline. They never got the chance because they couldn't unlock Vivek's rear door. They had the wrong key.
That was followed by a more elaborate plan to kill Devaraj, a British doctor also known as George Meredith. The attempt came the morning of July 6, 1985, when the commune was thick with sannyasins visiting for the annual world festival. The venue for the attempt was the massive lecture hall at the ranch, pulsing with sannyasins dancing to pounding music.
Devaraj, sitting cross-legged on the floor, considered joining the dancing. Then, a woman named Ma Shanti Bhadra, also known as Jane Elsea, leaned over his shoulder and whispered in his ear. He felt a hot sting in his buttock. She had jabbed him with a miniature syringe concealed by a handkerchief.
He whirled on her. "Oh, so this is what it's come to, has it?" he asked as he got to his feet. Shanti Bhadra walked with the doctor.
"What's wrong? What's wrong?" she asked in feigned surprise. 
Devaraj made it out of the lecture hall and was flown to a Bend hospital. He nearly died from the injection of adrenaline.
The attack was a shock. Up to now, the episodes had seemed like pranks or justified acts of self-defense. But now the Rajneeshees had nearly killed one of their own. The guru himself ordered Shanti Bhadra to be drugged and questioned, an order Sheela ignored.
Ma Yoga Vidya, one of the commune's top executives who was also known as Ann McCarthy, thought other murder plans had been scrubbed when she heard two others discussing the Turner plan. 
Vidya had fought Sheela in private about such plans. Sheela brushed aside her concerns but kept Vidya loyal by threatening to kill her husband.
Now, discovering that murder was still part of the operation, Vidya snapped.  She made her way to Sheela's room, interrupting a meeting.
"It's got to stop. I can't stand this talk of killing anymore. I can't stand it. I can't stand it," Vidya said. She collapsed on the floor, convulsing and crying.
Sheela summoned Shanti Bhadra from an adjoining room, asking her to calm Vidya. Shanti Bhadra was the one who had tried to kill Devaraj, and 
she was assigned to shoot Turner. She snapped when she encountered Vidya.
"I will not be killing anybody," Shanti Bhadra said. "No one will be killing anybody."
The turning point had come, for the commune and for Oregon.
Osho Large Doses of Nitrous Oxide Inhalation  
Nitrous oxide mainly disturbs B12 metabolism and damages nerves, followed by apparent neuropsychiatric symptoms. 
This case report describes a 19-year-old male who presented with auditory hallucination, persecutory delusions and unstable emotions 
after abuse of nitrous oxide over the course of half a year.   

Nov 1 Post Comments: 
- When Samya and I were talking with Sheela, she said that when Baghwan became addicted to Nitrous Oxide it was one step too far for her[Sheela], 
the needle that broke the camels back. She could not longer connect with him as he[Osho] had checked out. 
- Several people have reported this, as well as more than twenty used NO canisters behind Jesus Grove, not visible from the side facing the newspaper office, 
but visible from the road behind. Twenty plus canisters is really a lot. Enough for a small town for a year... 

Post Facebook
A friend went into Osho's bedroom after the Ranch closed and said there was a laughing gas nozzle in the wall by the bed, so one could lie on the bed and use it.
Several people have reported this, as well as more than twenty used NO canisters behind Jesus Grove, not visible from the side facing the newspaper office, 
but visible from the road behind. Twenty plus canisters is really a lot. Enough for a small town for a year... 
Tony Freeman: I know the German carpenter personally who installed the nozzle and canisters. 
Interesting, what he told about his lonely experiences there. Large Doses of Nitrous Oxide Inhalation 
Asanga Anand: If you read the literature patiently on the effects of NO addiction, prolonged abuse will lead to greater and greater muscle weakness and finally to death. 
Effects of Thalium poisoning, apparently, would have been immediate rather than gradual, and would have resulted in loss of all hair, including facial. 
He appeared in more robust health on the world tour (where NO would have been harder to obtain) and where the effects of the alleged 
Thalium poisoning would have been most pronounced, as it was shortly after it was claimed to have occurred. 
Rajesh - The Day We Got Guns
It is written in a stream of consciousness sort of way, which we found appealing (SannyasNews
The Day We Got Guns - Swami Prem Rajesh  VIHA: Swami Prem Rajesh July 12, 1949 – May 14, 2010
Rajesh Died in the evening of May 14 in a hospice in Richmond, Virginia, surrounded by family and friends. He had been in poor health for many years and had come close to dying a few years ago. A few months before his death he was in a coma for three weeks after a violent asthma attack. His friend Michael (Sharno) wrote: “To be truthful, we all thought he was overdue. There was no reason for it to continue. And no one, particularly he, wanted it to continue. I was with him during his last major attack. It was enough. I’m glad for him that he moved on.” Rajesh took sannyas in Pune One and was later a resident at the Ranch, working in Edison, the electronic department. He was affectionately called White Boy because of his light-blond hair and in reference to the song “Play that Funky Music, White Boy” by Wild Cherry.  
Even through his illness Rajesh stayed in close contact with many sannyasin friends, among them Satya Priya. Here are some excerpts from his emails to her: beloved priya - ah, my dearest, the breath is more scarce,  the moment more precious, the beauty drowns me. the mind tries to fight to explain, but i am free so freed up. no rent no movie no tv show. the world is leaving me. who knows how long the drama will draw out. osho is outside of time just space just space. how silly we’ll always be. i love you so much beloved priya the fear. the fear. i’ve been dancing on the edge of fear all day today. the shortness of breath... when it stays and stays... and even the drugs   don’t resolve it... oh it truly is only about being present. in the presence, i am free. slowly. slowly. slowly must i tread. i feel you, beloved one, in the aether where we are the silence. Love and His Blessings, Rajesh
Rajeesh came clean with the FBI Agents and served 4 Month time in a half way house, instead of 148 YEARS for 
multiple accounts of wire tapings! Showing the Rajneeshpuram climate of "just do it" no matter what and 
by God "DO NOT ASK QUESTOIONS!" contrary to Osho's rebelious stories!
So the results was ignorance and cooperation of the 1000s "happy worker bees" what was really going on, but on some level we all knew it was off, but did not want to get thrown out of the paradise, which them also became hell and disappeared to become a Christian Youth Camp forever ... 
Life certainly has a sense of humor! :-)
When Swami Prem Rajesh died in 2010, they found this unpublished controversial memoir of the Rajneeshpuram period in his things. 

Swami Anand Julian, Ace Spy: http://sannyasnews.org/now/archives/5730 
Apparently, Osho’s room was not only bugged on the Ranch, but even back in Poona as well. 
“You know, Whiteboy, me and Jules…we bugged Bhagwan too. I put a mic inside his wooden alarm button.” “My God…”
He beams, elated, snickering, “Jules said Bhagwan was bugged in Poona too.” “No way”, I say.  “It’s true”.
Parmartha says: 15 December, 2015 at 8:37 pm Someone asked about Julian.
Swami Anand Julian (Julian James) – Charged with five federal counts of wiretap conspiracy; remains a fugitive. http://www.oregonlive.com/rajneesh/index.ssf/federal_prosecutions_of_rajnee.html

Child of the Commune Dutch/English Documentary  IMDB 
At its peak, the Bhagwan movement had about 200,000 members and 600 centers around the world. 
The movement was targeted by many anti-cult groups as an evil, mind control cult. But was it? 
In the eighties when the movement gained momentum many members choose for a secluded life in a commune. Naturally their Children had to follow. 
This documentary is about one such child and her mother. The film centers around the question - did the mother act responsible by bringing her daughter into the commune? 
And would she have choosen differently in light of what she knows now?  

Biggest Bio USA Attack  Forensic Files - Season 7, Ep 8: Bio-Attack 
Sheela stops playing Osho's Game Download Video here  
Question "How come Sheela is your spokesperson antagonizing and offending People?" 
Osho: "I hit her hard because I would like her to be really outrageous. She was falling below the Standard. 
I was continuously  telling her - we have anything to loose, but gain the whole world!" 
Sheela "When I could NOT play his Game anymore. I left. When his demand for luxuries went out of hand and when I found out he was pumped with Valium"  
From Movie "Guru: Bhagwan, His Secretary & His Bodyguard"   Trailer 
Facebook Post  
Mark Hunton Even at the beginning of the ranch we got two busses and three of us were the bus drivers. I would leave my bus at Magdalena after the last run and start walking, in pitch black darkness down the road toward my tent. As I would pass the road up to Bhagwan’s house, if Sheila was coming down after meeting with him, her driver would stop and pick me up and they would drive me down the road for the seven minute drive to my place. 
More then one time did she say something like, “I can’t believe what he is asking me to do”, and she seemed a bit rattled. 
I use to think, wow I feel lucky to be a nobody. There was a lot of freedom in always staying under the radar! Lol
Rainer Jila Koll 
There is an often-overlooked aspect to Sheela, beyond the many attributes that are commonly given to her. 
I got to know her personally and closely, looking after her during the Air Rajneesh flights across the U.S. and later in Jesus Grove.
Sheela remained very close to her parents until she left the Ranch. Her father had told her as a teenager that she was destined to be with Bhagwan – on some level akin to an arranged marriage. Of course the relationship became infinitely deeper: Master and Disciple. But worldly and psychological elements remained in Sheela’s relationship with Bhagwan: the father that could not be disappointed intertwined with the desire to surrender to the Master. 
Failure of this relationship brings up the fear of losing love and missing the ‘path to enlightenment’. This mix made Sheela very open to Bhagwan’s demands.
And Bhagwan expected from her to be even more aggressive and provocative than Sheela already was. On return from a talk show or public event, he edged her on to go further. 
At least this is what Sheela told us. It began to take a toll on her quite a while before things on the Ranch reached a climax. 
Occasionally she would regress to an afraid child before a TV appearance, and we would form a circle around her on the hotel bed to pump her up with energy (and pharma at times). She was not scared of the TV but afraid of disappointing Bhagwan. And he[Osho] never held back with expressing his disappointment
As a result, Sheela became afraid of losing access to Bhagwan, the guru that represented her path to enlightenment, and 
afraid of the loss of power and position as his personal secretary. The later I’m not saying to fault her. It is a very normal attachment that I have encountered many times during my later career in corporate life. 
Unless one has been there it is difficult to imagine how the pressure feels in her situation. I’d say most of us would have cracked under similar circumstances
Sheela confronting Osho  Watch here   Download Video here  
Osho/Bhagwan claims: "Sheela has taken over $40 Million" Sheela "Osho does not know how to count money! I left the commune with only $10"  
Sheela : "It is time that you let people know who you [really] are the way I have come to know you - on one hand you are a Genius and a beautiful Man and
on the other hand you really exploit people by using their human frailty and emotions"   
Osho replied "She is drugged. She is on hard drugs." "There is something in my eyes, not drugs. but it can drug you." "Sheela is not a woman but a perfect bitch.
I love bitches, many of them"   
Sheela: " Osho took 60mg Valium. Osho is a SPOILED LITTLE BOY, and has nothing to do with being a holy man." 
Sheela: "We have spent 2.5Millon per Month! nothing is left. we spent $250,000 PER Month just on Osho a pain in the neck. Osho wanted to by an entire truck just to pick up RR"
Sheela: "Osho was not interested in actual Enlightenment" It was a a con [game]"  "If things will be too difficult, Osho will commit suicide by injection" 
Osho: "If you even meet again Osho, Sheela will throw herself at this feet and beg for Mercy"  Sheela " Would he[Osho] wish, Osho is dreaming again, not true Bhagwan!
One thing I have is my Dignity and that was a problem for you. you know it to!" 
Osho "Sheela has NO DIGNITY! ALL DIGNITY WAS GIVEN BY ME! She was just a hotel waitress and I made her almost a queen. I never made love to her.
Perhaps that is the jealousy? She always wanted .. but I have made it a point to never made love to a secretary"
Osho "Look around. You CANNOT find more rejoicing people anywhere - as they hand over their millions. I SELL Contentment and Enlightenment.
Sheela could not get it, because sheela has a very third rate mind."  "Sheela is just more and more insane, before imprisonment. You just wait. 
Either Sheela will kill herself out of the very burden of all the crimes Sheela has done OR Sheela will suffer her whole life in imprisonment"
Other video Part5 "I do the best [being nasty] Job for my Boss[Osho]. Have the LAST word. I was NEVER provocative enough"  Part6  P11  Nirmal    
Maybe somebody can translate from Hindi: Ma Anand Sheela on Skype on Indian TV 
Arrest in Germany Oct 29, 1985: 
Antelope Broken 1982 Agreement   Rajneeshpuram - Fight for a City Town Hall May 1st, 1985 (58Min)   SannyasNews 
Broken Agreement from "held hostage" May 1982 "We NEVER INTEND TO COME TO Antelope now or in the Future!"  You cannot stop a flowing River   
Sheela "YOU need to learn XXX from US"  
Vidya 6Min Savita 12Min LandUse 15Min AntelopeWoman 20Min Ludicrous 24Min VoteBlock100% 27Min  No Intention to go to Antelope 39Min 

Ulli V Steppenwolf:
Another clear memory from 1985's Ranch discourses:  pic 
Referring to being watched now all the times by FBI-agents - may it be openly or under-cover -, 
deep flying jets over Rajneesh Mandir and rumours that the National Guard would be on alert, to 'prevent a 2nd Jonestown' he[Osho] uttered:
"... and if they come, make it clear, that they should come with chains and hand-cuffs ..."
When I later saw the press-photo of his arresting in Charlotte with some gun-carrying Sheriff by his side and his hands chained, I just thought:
'He got What he proposed and wanted !'..... 
Oshos Death Jan 19, 1990
In the book below many actual details are coming to light 
Interview with Author 
Chitten: German sannyasin, now known by his new identity, Santosh Thomas Hoehne. Around 65 years. Played a vital role on the day Osho died. 
Married to Ma Prem Amrita, granddaughter of Gen. K.S. Thimayya. Left the Pune Commune abruptly and re-settled in Almora, Uttarakhand, 
where he runs an organic foods and cosmetics manufacturing company.

Shanti Bhadra reports Brainwashing even commit Murder  
Video: Osho Bhagwan was accused by Shanti Bhadra Jane Stork Jane Stubbs of brainwashing and plotting Murder 
Osho Bhagwan was accused by "Shanti Bhadra" Jane Stork Jane Stubbs of brainwashing 
Willing to commit Murder - see above in her Book "Breaking the Spell: My Life as a Rajneeshee, and the Long Journey Back to Freedom (2009)"    
Stork took part in unsuccessful plots to kill Rajneesh's doctor the the U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Charles H. Turner. 
Trevor Terrence Fletcher
Rajneesh used people, spoke out of both sides of his mouth, and betrayed the trust of his own disciples. This betrayal caused Vivek, his longtime girlfriend and companion, to commit suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. Rajneesh even lied about her death, slandering his greatest love in her grave by falsely claiming that she was chronically depressed due to some intrinsic emotional instability. Vivek was never depressed during the years I knew her, and she was the most radiant women I have ever known. 
Vivek was a glowing student of meditation, but her only meditation method was being with Rajneesh and absorbing his tremendous energy. When her one true love collapsed into insanity, she took her own life out of overwhelming grief. Rajneesh drove her to suicide because she could not understand nor tolerate his mental decline and collapse. Rajneesh lied about her death to avoid taking responsibility for his own bizarre behavior, which was the underlying cause of Vivek's despair.
Osho defends RR  
Osho is lying in this video about his Rolls Royces. He says his people, followers, or “sanyasins” want him to have 360 Rolls Royces. It’s Osho who wants them for himself. When he had his commune in Oregon “Rajneeshpuram”, he pressured his staff to secure more Rolls Royces because he wanted to break the record for how many anyone had. This was costing his commune $200,000 per month. Meanwhile, much of this money was coming from his followers, many of whom sold off all of their worldly possession and donated all of their wealth to Rajneeshpuram. The guru also wanted a million dollar watch to wear, and told his second in command to divert money from the commune’s needs, if necessary, to secure this luxury for himself.

Osho disgusted from Sannyasin[Idiots] Reports and long Letters 
Talks Part12 Priorities: a) Rolls Royce b) Donations c) 

Facebook Nov14,2022::
The podcasts of Deeksha are complete by now, and for me, they have finally provided the explanations for riddles which I have been waiting for for decades. 
Clearly, I had hoped for a far more benevolent explanation of these riddles, and I would have never ever imagined this outcome.
With such revelations, there is certainly always a tendency to ignore, deny and dismiss, and to shoot the messenger instead. However, I still consider myself a seeker of truth, and even though the truth may be very inconvenient, I do find it liberating.
As some of you may not have listened to the podcasts yet, here is a short overview over some of the revelations which I found particularly shattering:
· In the early days in Bombay, a young Japanese disciple said that Osho had raped her. After she arrived, she was invited to have a private meeting with Osho in his room. When she came out after about twenty minutes, she was very disturbed, agitated. She said that he had forced himself on her, that Osho raped her. She left and went to the consulate, asking Deeksha to testify on her behalf, which the latter did not do.
· Osho was very interested in material things. Once he was looking through a watch catalogue and found a limited-edition Piaget watch with a diamond-studded bracelet which cost 56.000 dollars or 56.000 francs. Osho wanted that watch and found a way to get it. There was a man who Osho knew that he was a bigtime drug-dealer, and Osho asked him to buy him the watch which the man did.
· During energy darshan, Osho touched his mediums under their clothes when the lights were off. And he invited some of these women privately into his room, sometimes asking them to make love between themselves or to Vivek in front of him, or to masturbate in front of him, or Osho asked for blow jobs. There was one woman who he wanted to swallow his sperm. He wanted to train her to relax her throat so that he could ejaculate in her mouth.
· After the samurai in Poona suffered an aneurysm and was brought into a hospital in Poona, he was in a coma and on a respirator. Osho gave the news of his death in lecture and claimed that he had been in contact with the disciple and had given him the permission to leave, which the disciple had done of his own volition. This was the official narrative. The truth is that Osho had secretly arranged for his disciple to die by sending one of the Ashram physicians and a nurse over to the hospital during lecture to “help him pass over,” euthanizing him. The day before, his death had already been prepared secretly in the Ashram, gathering wood for the burning. The man was from an important family, and probably Osho wanted publicity.
· The attempt in Poona 1 on Osho’s life with the throwing of the knife was staged, it was false, done to make it seem as if Osho was persecuted. Also, the burning of the books in the warehouse was made by the Ashram to collect money from the insurance. Osho knew about it before and told Deeksha not to interfere.
· In groups in Poona 1, people who freaked out were given tranquilizers or valium.
· Also in groups in Poona 1, the secrets that participants divulged during therapy were reported to the Main Office and stored in files. This information was later used by Sheela.
· In the castle in New Jersey, sannyasins were working fourteen or eighteen hours a day, while Sheela was spending half of her time calling centers and people with money, asking for money because Osho might need to have a back operation. At the same time, Osho wanted a Rolls-Royce, and Sheela bought him one almost immediately. Almost two days later, Osho demanded a second Rolls-Royce with a different interior design. When Sheela could not buy him one for lack of money, Osho blackmailed both Sheela and Deeksha, threatening suicide if he would not get a second Rolls-Royce.
· Also at the castle, Osho taught Sheela and Deeksha “the greatest art of all, which is the art of maneuvering people.” He taught them that they would always need to accuse their enemy of what they themselves did to them. Also, he taught them how to lie in such a way as not to be found out. And that it was important to find out the price of each person for which they would be willing to sell themselves, and then give it to them so that they would stay with him. Finally, he taught them that people in charge need buffers, assistants who convey the orders, to create layers of separation so that only one’s inner circle knows what is going on.
· Sheela and Osho set up a list of people who, if they left the movement, might damage Osho’s work by speaking out. The people on this list who could destroy his work should be “stopped,” been “taken care of,” and Osho said “it has to look like an accident.”
· Still at the castle, Deeksha’s boyfriend witnessed Osho punching Vivek so that she fell on the floor. Deeksha remembers having seen a similar event in Poona before, when she saw Osho hitting Vivek. That day, Vivek did not come to lecture, and when she reappeared, Deeksha noticed a bruise on her temple.
· At the castle in New Jersey, in a private meeting with Deeksha, Osho said that Hitler was a genius, that Hitler had tried to create a shift in humanity, and that he was trying to cut elements, a group of people who were holding humanity back, using the word “parasitic.” Osho said that he would be using the same source of dark and powerful energy that Hitler had tapped in. That Hitler had failed because the German people did not follow him through the end, but that he, Osho, would succeed, because his sannyasins would follow him to the end. Osho said that one day he would rule the world.
· After Deeksha had left the ranch, her mother was still on the ranch. Deeksha received a phone call from someone near Sheela who threatened her that something bad might happen to her mother. After her mother left the ranch, they found out that the sannyasins had gone with her to her bank a few months before, emptying her account fully, even taking the family jewelry from the safe deposit. Her mother was left with nothing at the age of 78.
· At the end of the ranch, it was the US government which was concerned in avoiding a blood bath. Through a Rajneesh spy, the government leaked the information which reached Osho and his entourage that they were coming to arrest Rajneesh. Osho left because they got the information, thinking that the government was coming to arrest him. He left with his watches, his gold bracelets, and with all the cash that was available in the community.
· When Vivek died on 9thDecember 1989, Laxmi called Deeksha and told her that she had been informed by Indian people from Poona that Vivek had been given an overdose, that they had killed her, because she had become a liability.
· Deeksha believes that Osho committed suicide with the help of others. He had shown signs of some mental deterioration before his death.
· Osho told Sheela and Deeksha that “one of the secrets is to sell something intangible, people cannot prove it that it does’t exist … and they will try even harder. Remember, you don’t have to prove that it is there.”

Deeksha & J Krishnamurti  

"During the month I spent working in Zurich I met Deeksha. In her distress she had sought out Krishnamurti, the only person Bhagwan had ever acknowledged as an equal.
Krishnamurti had no time for Bhagwan, and particularly objected to the use of the word Bhagwan; nobody other than God himself should use that title, he said. 
Krishnamurti had told Deeksha: I have received thousands of letters from all over the world asking why I do not speak out in public against this man. 
But I will not, as it is not my way. The man[Osho] is a criminal. You have to understand this very clearly. What he is doing to people in the name of spirituality is criminal. 
One must never give to another human being - and he is simply a human being -
your ultimate manifestation of consciousness, which is your ability to make decisions for yourself. You have made a great mistake in giving him hat power for twelve years, but understand this: no man has power except the power his followers give him. 
That is why he needs people around him all the time, and the more the better.”  

"Krishnamurti would not comment about Rajneesh in public, but privately he made it clear that he considered Rajneesh a criminal and he thought that the time spent with him was really an illusion and wasted time. When Deeksha left Rajneesh she went to see Krishnamurti because she was afraid that Rajneesh could hurt or even kill her from far away because of his great power, to what Krishnamurti said that he had no other power than the one she was giving him and then she asked her: " How many years you have been with this man? " to what she answered "11 years" (I am not sure of this number) and he answered : "you have wasted 11 years of your life" . Of course if you don't like Krishnamurti there is no problem, but if you think he has something to say, then you have to deal with the contradiction
Homeless used to get Votes (Share a Home Program)
Bring People to Rajneeshpuram for the Voting - Right after the election ALL the homeless people were gone   Food Poisoning  
"There was a Strata - the Organizers and Rajneesh Govt and then there were the worker Bees. They were completely in the Dark. You felt the separation Bosses vs Workers.
Suggestions reply: If you don't like this you can leave!" "Sheela was the glue holding Rajneeshpuram together. When she left it collapsed." 
"It was an utopia which ended badly" 

The Narcissistic Guru: A Profile of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajneesh - Appraisal_as_charismatic_leader 
Osho Rajneesh and His Disciples: Some Western Perceptions
, Ronald O. Clarke, Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Oregon State University, argued that Rajneesh exhibited all the typical features of narcissistic personality disorder
such as a grandiose sense of self-importance and uniqueness; 
a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success; 
a need for constant attention and admiration; 
a set of characteristic responses to threats to self-esteem; 
disturbances in interpersonal relationships; 
a preoccupation with personal grooming combined with frequent resorting to prevarication or outright lying; 
and a lack of empathy.[242]
Drawing on Rajneesh's reminiscences of his childhood in his book Glimpses of a Golden Childhood, he suggested that Rajneesh suffered from a fundamental lack of 
parental discipline, due to his growing up in the care of overindulgent grandparents.[242]Rajneesh's self-avowed Buddha status, he concluded, was part of a delusional system associated with his narcissistic personality disorder; a condition of ego-inflation rather than egolessness

Entitlement - spoiled Child  from OSHO: Books I have Loved  
I asked him[father] for money only when I wanted to purchase more books; I never asked money for anything else. And I told him,
"When I ask for money for books you had better give it to me." He said, "What do you mean?" I said, "I simply mean that if you don't give it to me then I will have to steal it. I don't want to be a thief but if you force me then there is no way. You know I don't have money. I need these books and I am going to have them, that you know. So if money is not given to me then I will take it; and remember in your mind that it was you who forced me to steal."
He said, "No need to steal. Whenever you need money you simply come and take it." And I said, "You be assured it is only for the books," but there was no need for the assurance because he went on seeing my library growing in the house. Slowly there was no place in the house for anything other than my books  

Sheela reports:
"On this stormy and rainy day, Bhagwan had not only had a dispute with Vivek, He also had toothache. He was miserable. Moreover, He was desperate to drive.
Because of bad roads and worse weather, He had not been able to drive His cars for a whole week.  I heard of the broken dam early in the morning when I was still asleep.
I was instantly wide awake and began to take stock of the situation. Soon a message came via radio that I should immediately report to Bhagwan. 
I told Vivek that this was impossible
. The water was very high and there was a strong current too. It was a very dangerous creek to cross at that time. 
Even if I were to order a helicopter from Portland, it would not have been able to reach the ranch. And even if it would have, it would have taken several hours 
to complete the journey. Bhagwan had no sympathy for these circumstances. He wanted to see me urgently. 
I joked: “Even if I ride a horse, it would take me two hours . . .”  So He demanded that I come to Him on a horse!
And He was a man who had never been able to take no for an answer.  We had four wild horses. They belonged to the ranch. They were pretty wild and not meant for riding. 
They had not been properly trained. But I mounted myself on one of them. We took the pass over the mountains to get to Bhagwan’s house. It was appalling. 
The horse did not want to move in this bad weather, let alone carry a weight around. Fortunately, I was not very heavy.  At times the path was very narrow. 
Once it was even less than one meter wide. It was extremely scary. While on one side there was a wall of rock, on the other side there was a
raging creek about twenty to thirty meters below. If the horse had taken even one wrong step, we would both have fallen down the abyss never to return

We managed to cross the creek at a shoal. It was difficult to force a creature acting on instinct to step into dangerously flowing water. But I somehow managed it.  
I landed at Bhagwan’s house in the middle of a domestic dispute between Vivek and Him. He told me He really had had enough of her. 
He said that Vivek irritated and tormented Him and that He had a toothache and wanted to drive His Rolls-Royce. 
He requested me to manage to get rid of the woman. “Buy her a ticket to England and ensure that she leaves immediately. 
I cannot tolerate her presence for one more second.”
I said I would do my best. When I returned to my house in the afternoon, I found a message from Him. 
Vivek had apologized and He wanted to give her another chance.  From this incident I learned several lessons. 
Firstly, that Bhagwan was a man with ordinary feelings. Secondly, that I must make sure that He was never cut off from the outside world due to any disaster. 
Third, even an enlightened one cannot get rid of a woman! The reality is that neither can a man can live with a woman, nor can he live without her.  
I allowed Him thereafter to simply be a man. I did not put Him on any pedestal."

PROMISE OF PARADISE by Satya Bharti Franklin 
Poona1 intimate story of Ma Satya(Sats) being poinsoed almost to death by Sheela!
Osho persuading Sheela to stay - she wanted to leave and was never interested in Meditation & Spirituality
Sheela milked $10,000 out of Satya's parents - pretending it as a "loan" (a common Ashram/Osho lie) for a condo -knowlingly conning and deceiving her own parents.
She NEVER got her money back and took years to face the truth! Page77 and Page78  
Osho Black Magic Paranoia 
Shortly before his death, Rajneesh suggested that one or more audience members at evening meetings were subjecting him to some form of evil magic. 
(now referred to as the White Robe Brotherhood) 

Abhay Vaidya. Who Killed Osho Chapter 10 Did Drug Overdose Kill Osho?  
In his final days Osho blames CIA of using “black magic” against him? 
In the very month that he died, Osho complained that he had heard “someone chanting a mantra, and it had disturbed the silence.” 
Shunyo writes about this episode in her memoirs: “Despite announcements asking whoever it was to cease, it continued. The chant began to cause pain in Osho’s stomach.” 
He said “it was being done deliberately” and blamed “the same people who had destroyed the Commune in the U.S.A.”
He later accused the C.I.A. of using black magic. Osho’s top sannyasins then took the help of a psychic to try and find “the person or persons” responsible for this. 
People were moved from their usual sitting areas in the Buddha Hall, all the electrical appliances were checked and 
a search was also conducted “for a machine of new invention that could maybe send out a death ray, or sound that was above the usual human hearing level.”4 
Nothing was found and Osho said the man responsible was sitting in the Buddha Hall during the evening meditation “in the fourth row.” 
Shunyo recalled: “That night we video-taped the fourth row of people and watched the film looking for a suspect.” 
Nothing was found and the search was dropped. Premgeet corroborated this incident and said the German group had undertaken this video recording secretly and 
some suspects were filmed closely. The film was watched carefully later but nothing could be established.  

Why did Osho complain of being harassed by “black magic” in is room at nite? 
For all their brilliance, ‘enlightened awakening’ and illustrious professional careers, none of the top sannyasins of the Osho Commune could explain what was the “knocking on the doors” in the middle of the night and the “black magic” that Osho complained of in the last months of his life. Osho complained of some “spirit” or some person disturbing his sleep. He complained of “knocking on the doors” in the middle of the night and of “black magic”. Was this the result of mental disorientation and hallucination caused by heavy medication which also weakened him day after day? According to Shunyo, in the last three months of his life, Amrito was looking after Osho full-time and she used to wake up Osho at 6 p.m. till she was his caretaker. Shunyo was called a few times by Osho to his room and he complained that
Someone was knocking on the doors in the middle of the night. He had previously complained to Nirvano that he had heard knocking on his door at 2 a.m. “She went around to everyone’s room in the house (Lao Tzu) to ask if we had been up and knocking on Osho’s door. Nobody had and the guards at the gate 
were not aware that anyone had entered the house. It happened many times since but the mystery was never solved.”3  

The curious case of Osho’s death
If Osho did die a natural death as claimed by [his personal physician] Amrito, where was the need for the extreme secrecy at the time of his death? 
Why was Dr. Gokani who was hurriedly brought to the Commune on January 19, 1990 to issue Osho’s Death Certificate not allowed to see Osho in his last moments? 
Why did Amrito wait for Osho to die before allowing Dr. Gokani to see the body? Why was Osho cremated in a tearing hurry?
There are three critical aspects to Osho’s death which demand close scrutiny. The first is the extraordinary secrecy around Osho at the time of his death. 
This was followed by his speedy cremation, and then came the elaborate, almost minute-to-minute official account of his death as presented by 
Amrito through a statement that he read out. When read carefully and dispassionately, this account appears theatrical and contrived, inspired, 
most likely, by the account of the final hours of the 4th century BC Greek philosopher Socrates whom Osho admired immensely

A little on the black magic in buddha hall
In the last days of Osho 's life, black magic mantras, were aimed at Osho and created a deep pain in Him. 
The mantras were aimed at opening Osho hara, the center of death.
According to shunyo, Osho told about the mantra aimed at him that it was coming from CIA and that they were using black magic. 
This information , can be read in Shunyo book also.
He also told that the 'man is in the 4th row' which was videotaped with no results. All electrical appliance were checked in searchof ultrasound devices,
who could create the deadly sound, but nothing was found, which implies that the sound was on the psychic level.
A psychic was used (is this Kavessha ?)to search for the who were the people doing it, but found nothing and put out from the hall the wrong people.
Investigation by our team, suggest that Kaveesha herself was under influence of other forces, which entered her atlantian master channelings.
The worst black magicians, the very masters, operate from the astral. Who does nor remember devadatta influence over krishnamurti 
at the moment when he was going to declare himself as vehicle of buddha ? 
our research up to now is pointing out to that direction for kaveesha also. no wonder 
her guidance of dheraj ended up with the protection ritual that was the very basis of the black magic in buddha hall.   

Oshos Death Jan 19, 1990
In the book below many actual details are coming to light 
Interview with Author 
Chitten: German sannyasin, now known by his new identity, Santosh Thomas Hoehne. Around 65 years. Played a vital role on the day Osho died. 
Married to Ma Prem Amrita, granddaughter of Gen. K.S. Thimayya. Left the Pune Commune abruptly and re-settled in Almora, Uttarakhand, 
where he runs an organic foods and cosmetics manufacturing company.

Osho I have NOTHING to Learn from [all of] You and was continually betrayed
Osho shows below his attitude of already knowing it all and no possibility of learning anything and pain that Osho was continually betrayed form 30 years:
Chapter #13 - Chapter title: Truth is not divisible - 18 March 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium   
You say, "Let us reverse the question for once." 
You cannot reverse it even for once. You are asking now, "What have you learned being with us?" I have nothing to learn.
You are here only because of the fact that you have found a person who has nothing to learn -- and particularly from you, who are groping in darkness, 
in unconsciousness, who are almost on the boundary line of insanity -- any moment, just one step more and you are in a madhouse.
Neither from you, nor from anyone else.
I have learned much. One of the most significant things that I have learned is not to feel sad when you betray, not to feel sorry when you go astray -- in fact, 
not even to expect that you have to trust. The relationship between me and you has to be one-sided, only from your side, not from my side at all
Jesus was betrayed only once, by one disciple.
I have been betrayed continually for almost as much time as Jesus lived on the earth -- thirty-three years
So many people I have trusted so totally have betrayed me so easily. There was a moment they were ready to die for me and just some small thing... 
if I was not fulfilling their expectation, which I have never agreed to fulfill, their love changes into great hate. The same person who was ready to die for me is ready to kill me.
All Concepts [incl Enlightenment, Meditation etc] have to be dropped eventually!
Allan Watts on Nagarjuna's Middle Way (Madhyamika): What do you base your life on? Pull out all carpets! No concept you can trust!  
MiddleWayEmptiness Reality escapes ALL Concepts!  
Challenges us by rejection and avoidance of ALL metaphysical theories and concepts
The purpose of Nagarjuna’s analysis is to destroy vikalpa (“misconceptions”) and point the way toward the abandonment of all philosophical views (drishti).   
Ultimately "Enlightenment" & "Meditation" are also just nifty concepts to be let go of - scary I know - 
but for me Sannyas is also going INTO the "Scary and Challenging" and unplugging from the illusions and comfy denial and nostalgia! 
CheckOut: Passage to America  MP4List  
Osho FBI File 
Exoteric/Esoteric Group Dynamic
Great Challenge #9/ Question2  Talks given from 1970 to 1971  
This always happens: when I say something, I create two groups of people around me.
One group will be exoteric. They will organize, they will do many things concerned with society, with the world that is without; 
they will help preserve whatsoever I am saying. 
The other group [esoteric] will be more concerned with the inner world. Sooner or later the two groups are bound to come in conflict 
with one another because their emphasis is different. The inner group, the esoteric mind, is concerned with something 
quite different from the exoteric group. 
And, ultimately, the outer group will win, because they can work as a group. 
The esoteric ones cannot work as a group; they go on working as individuals. When one individual is lost, something is lost forever.
This happens with every teacher. Ultimately the outer group becomes more and more influential; it becomes an establishment. 
The first thing an establishment has to do is to kill its own esoteric part, because the esoteric group is always a disturbance

Because of "heresy," Christianity has been destroying all that is esoteric.
Puro Rajneesh Post Nov 29  
From here it is hard to be anything but so overwhelmingly grateful for the one who spent his entire life pointing towards this door to no-mind
And, in fact, it is THIS no-mind, this oceanic space of silence and love that is Osho, this very moment. 
See also: The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power 366 Pages 1993 by Joel Kramer & Diana Alstad   TheGuruPapers_MasksOfAuthoritarianPower.pdf 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/17052051539/posts/10157939563371540/ Nov 3,2021
Deva Padma 
This tragic situation unfolding now, thanks to so many who are crying “foul” is a shame upon the entire premise of the “New Man”. That notion has birthed way too much suffering...way too much abuse and recklessness. It was a toxic recipe that ulimately failed. Children are the future, the fatality here is that they were never part of the recipe that O cooked up, and served so lovingly. We have to face this bitter truth and bare responsibility for our love affair with an illusion perpetrated by him. Beating each other physically, emotionally in the name of spirituality has gone on for as long as there has been followers of ideologies, the faithful’ , devotees, believers. His gorgeous words will live on, they still move me in gratitude because they were spoken. But beneath the gorgeous surface there was a calamitous calculation. i now find myself saddened at the sickening circumstances surrounding those discourses. His living legacy is a train wreck, happening in slow motion.We are watching it screaming knowing full well that we were there, turning a blind eye or utterly asleep...in absolute la la land. There is nothing to be done but be sorrowful and reach out, however we can to anyone damaged in the communities that bore his name. Khabira Rahim and anyone out there hurting now, right now... I ache for you. I am ashamed for having been in the Buddhafield that will always be remembered with sorrow and an aching heart. I am so sorry. I am hearbroken yet again.
Oct 30, 2021  Arjuna Ardagh https://www.facebook.com/arjunaardagh/posts/10224098682867191  
Yes, it was Rajneesh in 1977: 
>> Whatever happens in this [organization] happens according to me.
>> This is none of your business, to decide what is just and what is unjust. 
>> The moment you become part of my [organization], you leave everything to me, otherwise the work will become impossible.
>> [favorite subordinate XXX] never does anything on her own. 
>> I can not choose [dismissed subordinate YYY] for this work because she has her own ideas of what is right and what is wrong. 
>>> XXX has no idea; she simply listens and does.
>>> There are some foolish people who have renounced their [membership in organization] because they saw something unjust being done. 
>>> It was not their business! 
>>> This acceptance has to be total. 
>>> Please don’t give suggestions to me. 
>>> The moment you give suggestions to me, you are disconnected from me. 
>>> Whatsoever I decide is absolute.
Nov 19, 2021   Caroline Gollan:  
I really have to wonder how we were all deluded into thinking we were in a tantric commune. The commodification of sex to be close the master. 
Allowing bodies to be treated as objects and to be used to this end. It was completely normalised. So tantric!

Hordes of sannyasin women became sex workers to be close to the master. The Melbourne commune had a multitude of women doing this, tithing all their earnings to the commune and Rajneesh Services. I realised later it was happening all over the world. The front office in Poona One sent all the women they suggested to go to Bombay for sex work to a friend of mine for ‘instruction’. Then they would return as ‘workers’ for the commune. Once again, completely normalised and even encouraged by the commune. This is the commodification of sex. So tantric!

Additionally, Martina raised an important issue in her post. How it was ‘bad’ to say no to sex. After all, it was ‘negative’ to say no to anything. Somehow it seemed implicitly known that to be ‘open’, you said yes, even when you wanted to scream ’no’. This was promulgated explicitly in the 'tantra' groups. So tantric!
I was driven to utter despair and anguish, twisting myself into a pretzel, trying to accommodate the constant infidelities of my partner. Knowing that in the eyes of the master, it was me who was ‘wrong’; that I should not have these desires to have a sacred container or loyalty from my mate. So tantric!
Then we now have the voices of the children. Used as sexual playthings, passed around from swami to swami and maybe ma to ma. Jostling to take their virginities. Causing utter wreckage. So tantric!

And finally, the voices of the women, who went to O’s room and performed sexually for him, according to his whims and needs. Our master, using their bodies as objects. 
With no regard to their pleasure, their needs, their consent. Those women, under the delusion or even instruction that this was tantra. Right from the top down. So bloody tantric!
Osho uses woman for sex
● Sep4, 2022(Sunday TheTimes): Abused in Osho, the middle-class sex cult that stole childhoods    20220909_AbusedOsho.pdf  OldLink  
Surviving Wild Wild Country: Erin Robbins Speaks Out On Osho Horrors Apr 4, 2022  Podcast 73Minutes    MP3Download(80Min)   Erinrobbins  
A Little Bit Culty – We took zero breaks between seasons because we need you to hear this episode. 
Erin Robbins wasn’t featured in Wild Wild Country, the 2018 Netflix Docuseries about Bhagawan Shree Rajneesh, also known as Osho. 
She lived it in real-time. She discovered the controversial guru’s teachings at age 23 in 1977, and 
by the time he summoned her to his bedroom a year later for a ‘special and secret’ meeting that quickly devolved into a vile and violating encounter (the first of many) 
she thought he was the greatest spiritual master who’d ever walked the planet. 
Erin disregarded her father, the co-founder, and owner of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream company, risking her family connection and inheritance 
in order to follow a man who would eventually lead his disciples into a world of murders, mass poisonings, and the gross sexual violation of children. 
After nearly 45 years of staying quiet, Erin is sharing her story after waking up just a year ago. 
This episode is full of potentially triggering content related to child abuse, coerced sterilization, and sexual assault. 
It also contains a staggering amount of bravery. Here’s to the healing power of the truth.
About Our Guest:
Erin Robbins, M.Ed. is an award-winning artist who lives in Northern California. Website: erinrobbins.life  Twitter: @erinrobbins_   FB & Instagram: @erinrobbins.life   

Sins of My Father: A Daughter, A Cult, A Wild Unravelling by Lily Dunn LilyDunn.pdf  BookAmazon 
Anando's new Book: Osho: Intimate Glimpses   

● Jayesh Reply  Joshu: The Lion’s Roar, Talk #2, Ruined and Homeless  
The first commune was destroyed because of women’s jealousies. They were fighting continuously. 
The second commune was destroyed because of women’s jealousies. 
And this is the third commune – and the last, because I am getting tired. 
Once in a while I think perhaps Buddha was right not to allow any women in his commune for twenty years. 
I am not in favor of him: I am the first who has allowed men and women the same, equal opportunity for enlightenment.
But I have burned my fingers twice, and it has always been the jealousy of the women.”1
OSHO: General Meeting, Buddha Hall, Pune, 19. May 1989 Sannyasins lost dignity because of dependance on commune/Rajneeshpuram  

●  SangeetCA Reply Facebook  
Osho: Intimate Glimpses Ma Sangeet Replies to Amrito's Article 
I’ve just read Amrito’s preachy, defensive, and rather outrageously nasty “review” of Anando’s book in the online Osho Times. Anyone who’s read Anando’s book will know it’s a collection of memories, like so many other books written by the first generation of sannyasins. Why anyone should find that threatening is beyond my imagination. People have read these accounts with enjoyment and warm reminders of their own experiences with Osho. 
I find it very ironic that Amrito should be so self-righteous, when he, along with Jayesh, Niren, and no doubt a few others, submitted a forged will allegedly by Osho in a legal proceeding after Osho’s death. That document claimed to give ownership of all of Osho’s work to a non-profit Jayesh personally controlled. At least four experts have sworn that the signature on the “will” was actually a copy of a signature that appeared on an Osho book in the 1970s. Osho’s signature had always changed through time, and this was particularly true in his last illness. It’s mind-boggling that anyone would think they could pass off such an old signature as one from 1989. To this day, Amrito and his co-conspirators remain unrepentant. I’ve asked myself many times: if Osho gave all the power to Jayesh, as they claim, why did they need to forge a will? 
One of Amrito’s complaints now is that Anando corrected some text in her book from an earlier draft. Seriously? None of us has a perfect memory of events over 30 years ago. Anando’s willingness to discuss and correct her memories seems admirable to me. Will Amrito write to correct all the errors in his recent account? 
Why, I wonder, is Amrito so threatened by the idea that Anando had a special relationship with Osho? Laxmi, Deeksha, Sheela, Garimo, Anando, Neelam, Devageet, Amrito, Shunyo, and many others had special relationships with Osho. So what? In fact, when Maitreya died and Osho declared him enlightened, Osho said something about us not knowing who has the most special relationships with him. Thirty-two years after Osho left the body, why should any of us be jealous, competitive, or squabbling about that? 
Of course, as we read on, we find a possible answer. It’s all about power. Amrito projects a misogynistic attitude toward women onto Osho, in order to claim only men have power over Osho’s work. (Where have we heard that one before?) Amrito uses an Osho quote about women and jealousy to support his perception. Yes, Osho hit women about jealousy, as he hit men about many things. Usually, he just hit all of us together. He hit women in that instance so we could see how we were making ourselves miserable. I was in Pune when the whole “women and jealousy” issue was up, and though it was painful, I have always been extremely grateful to Osho for helping me see how I harmed myself that way. Does that mean that Osho had a judgmental and condemning attitude toward women? No way! Those aren’t Osho’s feelings.
Ironically, it was Amrito who went to Osho and asked him not to make Anando and Shunyo leave Lao Tzu at that time. I understood that both Anando and Shunyo saw the truth of what Osho said and their relationships with Osho returned to normal. And that was nobody’s business but theirs. 
Yet Amrito goes on and on about Anando and power, when all she’s done for many years is run groups and write books. Why, why, why are you so threatened, Amrito? 
The stories of Anando’s alleged mistakes from ancient history are also amazing, considering all the allegations of forged documents, power grabs, and Jayesh’s attempt to legally control all of Osho’s work personally. Talk about a double standard! I also think it’s significant that Anando’s book was published some time ago, and the folks at OIF were sent a copy of the manuscript before that. Why are we hearing about these far-out claims now? Is it because of Neelam’s recent death so that she is no longer here to refute these allegations? Hasya, Kaveesha, and several others who could have refuted these allegations died years ago. Recently, Neelam left her body, and suddenly these outrageous ideas come out of the darkness. 
Again, why are you threatened by Anando, Amrito? You’ve got power; you, in the form of OIF and/or other entities, have got or had millions stashed in offshore accounts, so what is it you want? People have known about the money in the accounts for years, but they don’t want to get down and wallow in the mud with you. It’s like when people told Osho some others were stealing books, Osho suggested putting up a sign saying, “Steal this Book.” “Steal the money,” Amrito, if that’s what you want to do, steal power. Many of us really don’t care. But please keep your vituperations for private conversations with those who are interested in hearing them. Leave the rest of us to enjoy each other and to enjoy reading each other’s memoirs. 
And now to address some little “memory gaps” of Amrito’s. I think it’s important to set the record straight. Amrito claims that Osho refused Anando as a caretaker in late 1989. At that time, I lived and worked in Lao Tzu. There was a room in what had been intended as part of Osho’s library where Anando had her desk and held meetings. I, the joke guys, Anando’s secretaries, and others, worked there too. Amrito spent quite a bit of time on the computer there, hanging out, or doing whatever he was up to. Anando and Amrito used to have a lot of arguments there. In fact, they drove the rest of us crazy, and we wished they would take it around the corner to Anando’s room. 
At one point the focus of the arguments seemed to be about Anando acting as a caretaker. Amrito kept saying that Osho wanted her to come back, and she refused at first, saying he was Osho’s physician and could take care of it. At some point she did go back. Anando and I weren’t on good terms at that point, so I never discussed it with her and don’t know the details. I do know that Anando accompanied Osho to Buddha Hall every evening, which indicates some kind of caretaking role during that whole time. 
Another interminable topic of argument was about what Osho had told them to do. Clearly, they were both talking with and receiving instructions from Osho, but they didn’t seem to hear the same things. This happened so often that I began to wonder if Osho was intentionally giving them different instructions until they stopped the competition and figured it out. Who knows? 
The last point about the office is that Osho insisted that a direct phone line between his room and Anando’s desk be installed during this time. The instructions were that no one except Anando was to answer it, and that included Amrito. When it rang, we were to go find Anando, wherever she was, and bring her back. 
But the most significant point for me was that after Osho left the body Amrito approached me. This was a surprise, as we really didn’t like each other (even then!). I, somewhat naively, thought this was because he was saddened by Osho’s death and was talking to anyone who would listen. So Amrito launched into a tale of how the night before he died Osho told Amrito to go to Anando and tell her that he, Osho, was leaving the body the next day and wanted her to sit with him through the night. Amrito claimed he went to Anando, but she said Osho was always saying that and she wouldn’t go. So, Amrito told her that Osho had said himself that he was leaving the body. Then Anando went, and, sure enough, Osho left the body the next day. 
The other remarkable thing Amrito said was that as Osho was dying Jayesh was waiting, outside the door. Osho hadn’t asked to see him. That account was later amended to say Osho had sent for Jayesh and left Jayesh his dream (just as he supposedly left Jayesh control of all his property in the forged will). Amrito admitted to me that Osho didn’t ask for Jayesh, which makes the later story unlikely. I believe Osho left his dream to his people to carry on. His last words weren’t about power but about love, for those already there and those to come. The last thing Osho said was that Anando would be his medium, but it seems Amrito and Jayesh would like to forget that. I can see why. 
Many years later I heard that Jayesh and company had objected to a draft of Anando’s most recent book, claiming that she wasn’t with Osho on his last night. I managed to get a message to Anando, telling her what Amrito had told me at the time, and asking her a few questions. She confirmed that Amrito was now claiming that Anando wasn’t there at all that night. She also said Amrito had never come to her with a message from Osho as he had claimed. She was already on the regular schedule to do night-time caretaking. She went as usual, and Osho never said anything about leaving his body the next day. 
I was puzzled. Why would Amrito go out of his way in 1990 to tell me that Anando was in the room at Osho’s request and now claim that she hadn’t been there at all? It struck me then that the point of his first story might have been to claim that Osho had predicted his own death, so there would be no reason to suspect that anyone had sped up the process. And of course, I didn’t suspect it at the time. It was only after the doctor they called in to confirm Osho’s death expressed concerns that I began to wonder. 
When I heard that Amrito is now insisting that Anando wasn’t in the room the night before Osho’s death, I began to seriously consider the idea that Osho might not have died naturally, as many have been suggesting. Otherwise, why lie? And one of Amrito’s versions is clearly a lie. 
Sadly, the reality is that we’re not likely to ever know, or at least be able to prove, the truth, so there may not be a point in expending too much energy on it now. Personally, I’d rather focus on meditation and enjoying life. On the other hand, I wanted to put things that maybe only I know about on record for the future. I’m hoping others will do the same, and not let this kind of slander of Osho stand. For example, if Anando was with Osho on the night of January 18, what was Amrito up to? I’ve heard various stories that Amrito was out drinking till 1 or 2 in the morning that night. One version said he was in Jayesh’s office drinking with Jayesh. If any of that is true, then he not only wasn’t with Osho, he wasn’t available in case Osho needed a doctor in the night. But I don’t have personal knowledge of this; maybe someone else does. 
Did Amrito tell his stories about Anando and Osho to anyone other than me in 1990? Did Anando tell anyone at the time that she was with Osho that last night? She told me on the steps in Lao Tzu. I suspect there are a lot of bits and pieces people know and haven’t thought about in years. Maybe we can collect these memories online and leave a cleaner record for the biographers to come. I think that’s only fair to Osho. 
Meanwhile, I’m hoping the Osho Times will go back to sharing awareness and not hate. We would all be deeply grateful.
Sangeet  (Sangeet Duchane, California, USA" 
Subuti: Sep23, 2022   
If you go to Google Images and enter “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi” and “Acharya Rajneesh” there is a good chance you will find an old photograph, taken in September 1969.
It shows the two mystics sitting together on an outdoor sofa, discussing meditation, before a gathering of Western and Indian seekers in Pahalgam, Kashmir.
It was the first, last and only time the two gurus met. It was also the first time that Osho addressed a Western audience and the first time he spoke publicly and at length in English. 
“Acharya”, by the way, is a respectful Hindi term indicating a spiritual teacher, and this was how Osho was known in the sixties.
By this time, the Maharishi was an international figure, almost a household name, thanks to his endorsement by the Beatles pop group. 
Acharya Rajneesh, on the other hand, was virtually unknown outside India. His controversial book, From Sex to Superconsciousness, published in 1968, compiled from a series of his discourses about sex and delivered in Mumbai the same year, had made him notorious in India, but it wasn’t widely known in the West. 
In September 1969, the Maharishi had been conducting a meditation camp in Pahalgam for Transcendental Meditation enthusiasts. 
When some of them learned that Acharya Rajneesh was also in town, they invited him to a joint discussion with the Maharishi – after obtaining the Maharishi’s permission, naturally. 
I have listened to an audio recording of their debate and could feel how the Westerners soon became frustrated and irritated with the Acharya, because all Osho would say, in a dozen different ways, was that no technique could help people attain to enlightenment. 
This was the opposite of the Maharishi’s teaching, and although the two mystics sat side by side in an apparently friendly manner, they were poles apart.
The Maharishi described TM as a technique that takes the mind from the surface to subtler levels of the human psyche and eventually into a state of pure, transcendental consciousness. 
The technique itself, as many people know, is basically a practice of continuous verbal repetition, uttering certain sacred sounds, rather like repeating a mantra.
Acharya Rajneesh disagreed with the Maharishi. “There is no validity to this whatsoever. How can you have a technique to go somewhere that is everywhere? If it’s already everywhere, where is there to go? Why would you need a technique to go there?”
When asked to state his own position, Osho told the crowd: “There is nothing like my position, because to have a position is to be untrue. I have no position, I am totally negative. There is no possibility of there being any path.”
This didn’t go over too well with the Western audience and Osho must have realised he couldn’t reach people this way. 
Soon afterwards, a remarkable shift happened. Within a year, he was developing his own meditation techniques, including Dynamic Meditation. Two years after that, he was offering initiation into “neo-sannyas” – his own version of discipleship – and also started giving discourses in English as well as Hindi, speaking on a wide variety of spiritual disciplines.
The transformation worked. The acharya who had once declared that his approach to truth was “totally negative” had morphed himself into a helpful spiritual mystic, offering all kinds of meditation methods and presenting a “pathless path” to inner awakening. 
Immediately, seekers started coming to him, both from India and abroad. The Rajneesh movement was under way.
Beautiful & Light Side of the Osho Neo-Sannyas Movement
I am grateful for the amazing adventure and meeting so many adventurous souls and friends and the beautiful side of the Neo-Sannyas Movement
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Chapter #13 - Chapter title: Truth is not divisible 18 March 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium Archive code: 8703185 ShortTitle: SPLEND13 Audio: Yes Video: Yes
Question 1
Sarjano, it is the last supper. Jesus has gathered all his disciples together and there is a great feeling of gloom in the air. A single candle lights the room. 
Everybody can sense that something momentous is going to happen and that this may be their last meal together.
Jesus pours out the wine and passes the glasses around and then divides up the food and personally serves his disciples. The candle burns low and at last, all the food is gone except for one hard-boiled egg.
Jesus says to Peter, sitting on his right, "Peter, my blessed disciple, would you like to eat this last egg?"
"Ah, no master," says Peter. You must have it."
Jesus then turns to his left and says, "John, my blessed disciple, would you like to eat this last egg?"
"Ah, no master," says John. "You must have it." Jesus asked all his twelve disciples in turn, and they all refused the last egg, saying that he, their master, must have it. Just then a gust of wind comes through the window and blows out the candle. The room is plunged into darkness and it is filled with an awesome silence.
Suddenly, there is a hideous scream. Someone lights a new candle, and everyone gasps as they see Jesus with his hand stretched out for the remaining egg -- and embedded in the back of his hand, are twelve forks! But it was too late to learn....
I have learned much. One of the most significant things that I have learned is not to feel sad when you betray, not to feel sorry when you go astray -- 
in fact, not even to expect that you have to trust.

The relationship between me and you has to be one-sided, only from your side, not from my side at all
You are here of your own free choice; you can move away just as freely as you had come. You love me -- that is your decision. You can start hating me -- that will also be your decision. I am absolutely unconcerned; only then is it possible not to feel hurt, not to feel wounded.
Jesus was betrayed only once, by one disciple. I have been betrayed continually for almost as much time as Jesus lived on the earth -- thirty-three years
So many people I have trusted so totally have betrayed me so easily. There was a moment they were ready to die for me and just some small thing... 
if I was not fulfilling their expectation, which I have never agreed to fulfill, their love changes into great hate. The same person who was ready to die for me is ready to kill me.
So I have learned it the hard way that if you love, it is your decision. If you hate, it is your decision. I am almost non-existent as far as my side is concerned: 
neither am I a partner in your love, nor am I going to be a partner in your hate. This is a sad lesson but it is good that I have learned it long before
If somebody assassinates me, at least I will not have any complaint, any grudge -- because to love was his freedom, to hate is also his freedom. 
I am absolutely out of the relationship.
I will go on doing whatever I feel is needed for the growth of your consciousness. But people have been going on, changing... such stupid expectations and 
if they are not fulfilled... it seems as if they have come to me to change me, to transform me. They want me to be according to their idea of how a master should be.
I give you total freedom to be yourself. I never expect anything, any ideal to be imposed on you. I don't give you any commandments. 
And yet you go on carrying within your mind certain expectations that I have to fulfill, and if they are not fulfilled... and they cannot be fulfilled. 
Thousands of people are related to me. They have different ideals, different moral concepts. It is almost impossible -- and even if it were possible, 
I am not a man to fit with those who are unconscious, who are themselves living in darkness.
You are here to go through a transformation. It is none of your business how I live, what I say, what I do -- 
the moment you start thinking to change something in me, the bridge between me and you is broken.
And it is a one-sided bridge; I am not a partner in it. I know it is hard for you but your very question implies, 
Sarjano -- perhaps you have not read it very consciously while you were writing it. 
You say, "Let us reverse the question for once." You cannot reverse it even for once. You are asking now, "What have you learned being with us?"
I have nothing to learn!.
You are here only because of the fact that you have found a person who has nothing to learn -- and particularly from you, 
who are groping in darkness, in unconsciousness, who are almost on the boundary line of insanity -- any moment, just one step more and you are in a madhouse. 
Neither from you, nor from anyone else.
And my whole approach is -- and I have been insisting millions of times -- that as far as truth or the ultimate reality is concerned, you cannot learn it from anybody else. 
And once you have known it, there is nothing that remains to be learned. 
So I say to you: not even once can the question be reversed. I have not learned anything from you. You need not feel responsible for anything. 
Just being with you for all these three decades, it has not been a learning but simply a discovery: that there is nobody in the world 
who is so awakened that you can even call him a friend, so awakened that you can even call him, a beloved. 
This has not been a learning -- this is simply a discovery, slowly slowly, as I have come to know human beings.
And as I went around the world, my discovery has become absolutely clear: this humanity has come to a dead end. To hope for anything from this humanity is sheer nonsense. Perhaps a few people may be saved -- and for them I go on creating the Noah's Ark, knowing perfectly well that perhaps when the Noah's Ark is ready, 
there may not be anybody left to be saved. They may have all gone their own ways.
It rarely happens: never have so many people come in contact with anybody -- either Jesus or Mahavira or Buddha -- and never have so many people 
left Buddha, Mahavira or Jesus. It is significant to have some insight into it. Even Gautam Buddha, a man of immense insight, was ready to compromise on minor points with his disciples. And the disciple feels immensely happy if the master agrees with him -- although the master agreeing with the disciple is like light agreeing with darkness, truth agreeing with that which is not true, life agreeing with death. But because Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus and other teachers of the past have compromised on minor points, very few people have left them.
I am an absolutely non-compromising person. Either you have to be with me absolutely... without expecting anything from my side, because I cannot agree on any smallest, most minute point if it is not true.
And truth is indivisible. You cannot say, "I may not have the whole truth... but a little bit, a piece of it, a fragment of truth." Truth is not divisible. 
Truth is almost like a circle. Have you ever seen a half circle? Perhaps you may have misunderstood: if you have seen a half circle, 
it is no longer a circle at all; the circle can only be full. The half is only an arc, it is not a circle. 
Just as the circle is indivisible, so is truth, so is life, so is existence, so is love, so is ecstasy.
Either you have it or you don't have it.
If you have it, there is no question of your being here. If you don't have it, then be absolutely clear that you don't have it, 
because living in the illusion that perhaps you have a little bit of it, is dangerous.
What can I learn from you? -- being unconscious? Being greedy? Being jealous? Being violent? What can I learn from you?
As I have gone on discovering more and more people, my hope for humanity has disappeared. If you want to call it a learning, you can.
I don't see any future possible. And the time is so short before the curtain falls, that you should not waste it in unnecessary things. 
Your life has now to be absolutely devoted to the most essential thing, the most fundamental thing: to be enlightened has to be your single-pointed concentration.
Everything else has to be sacrificed for it, because you cannot even postpone it for tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come.  
From Facebook:
Unless you go deeper, you will shift your projection from one to another. If there is no God, you will make me your God. And certainly I am not God.

And I am not omnipotent. I am just sitting in my chair, that's all. Omnipotent means I will need a chair in which the whole universe fits. And I am not omnipresent. I am not a peeping Tom to look into your bedroom. That's what God used to do, watching you even in your bathroom through the keyhole.
I am not omniscient either. I don't know what is going to happen next moment. I am simply human, just awake, just fully alert, conscious and responding to life moment to moment according to my awareness, my consciousness; just a pure mirror reflecting whatever comes in front of me. Don't project anything on me.

Osho, God is Dead, Page - 145... Namaste.
Near Death 1979 Story from Prem Doug 
German: Illustration zum WDR5 Tiefenblick zeigt Sannyasins vor dem Kölner Dom tanzend und meditierend - Ekstase statt Askese   Bhagwan in Köln   
Lebe deinen Traum! (1/3)      Vertreibung aus dem Paradies (2/3)     Willkommen im Mainstream (3/3)