Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr) FAQ
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Below are answer to frequently asked questions concerning the "Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr)"

How can BTWFMgr help my with my strategies?
Below is a list of the main features compared with the regular backtesting functions available:

BTWFMgr Tradestation Multicharts Function
YES no no Instant access to a test result/input value permutation
YES no no Sort results by lowest volatility
YES no YES 3D Chart for results
YES no no Ability to COMBINE several result columns (Smart Ranking)
(find the result with highest Equity AND lowest DrawDown AND Volatility)
YES no no Chart showing the effect of each input parameter value (All, Long, Short)
YES no no Detect the best entry points in your strategy
by checking the response of the market after all your entries
and drawing a Potential Chart and sorting all results by best potential
YES no no Trading Probability Map
YES no no Automated advanced Walk Forward Algorithm
YES no no Strategy Position Exit Algorithm Optimization
YES no no Visual Overview of Results Multi Timeframe/Symbol
YES no no Visual Profit/Loss Distribution Analysis
YES no no Export the results to a Microsoft Access Database (MDB)
YES no no Advanced Performance Analyzer for in depth analysis by TimeOfDay, Weekday


What are the steps to use BTWFMgr?

  1. Modify strategy EasyLanguage code (automatically done by BTWFMgr)
    and set
    nBTWFMgrExport to 2
  2. Run your regular Tradestation optimization, BTWFMgr will automatically appear at the end after one minute
  3. Check if the optimization ranges detected/envelop the parameter optimum, using  the Strategy Input Parameter charts


What discounts do you offer?

We offer various disounts for groups and extended subscription - check the order page for details


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