UnixDos Toolkit - Updates Page - (current Version 5.1a Feb 2011)

Recently we have increased the limit now to 20,000 files per folder (from 3000)!
We have also added the new GETRNG utility to extract text lines based on a numeric value or range!
DU has been expanded to show igger than 99GigaByte Drives correctly!
We also fixed some daylight savings glitches in at,udate,ls,du,rm,pr,touch.

Below is a list of all the updates since version 4.0.
If you have any earlier version just upload unixdo32.exe and reinstall.

The following updates are available (just download into the \unixdos folder to replace):




Direct Download

SED 5.1a Added \s whitespace support SED.exe
BGREP 5.1a Can now scan multiple files for a binary pattern:
usage: bgrep [-o{off}] [-l{len}] {pattern} {file(s)}
-o{off} = OFFSET: Define starting offset in file(s) 
-l{len} = LENGTH: Define length of reading
pattern = text or string to be found (\XX = hex code)
(\01\00 = short value of 1: 0x01,0x00)
file = input file(s)
UFIND 5.1a Shows size 0 for folders/directories (-ls) UFIND.exe
CPIO 5.1a Checks also the file size and time
to find changed files (-u option)
  5.1a Automatically adds C:\UnixDos to PATH environment  
  5.1a Improved License Manager (UdReg.exe)  
LS 5.1a Shows now also the seconds,
-T option supresses seconds
DF 5.1a Default to Gigabyte display, to display detailed values,  added -d option DF.exe
DU 5.0b Added huge file (>2GB) support DU.exe
LS 5.0b Added huge file (>2GB) support LS.exe
RM 5.0b Added huge file (>2GB) support RM.exe
UFIND 5.0b Added huge file (>2GB) support UFIND.exe
DF 5.0b Added -H huge option for GigaByte display DF.exe
UFIND 5.0b Continue scanning on folder errors UFIND.exe
GetRng/Ucd 5.0b Added Utilities GetRng.exe
CUT 5.0b Added -F backward field access CUT.exe
DIFF 5.0b Fixed crash on large files (max now 10mill lines) DIFF.exe
USORT 5.0b Fixed NULL at end of file USORT.exe
SED 5.0a Fixed missing file bug SED.exe
BGREP 5.0a Return errorlevel 0=no hit, 1=found hit(s) BGREP.exe
USORT 5.0a Fixed 32786byte boundary problem USORT.exe
M4 5.0a Adjusted License Logic M4.exe M4t.exe
M4cgi.exe M4cgit.exe
MSGBOX 5.0a Corrected License Check MSGBOX.exe
INPBOX 5.0a Corrected License Check INPBOX.exe
USORT 5.0a Converts NULL to Spaces USORT.exe
DD 5.0a Added 4 byte swap (conv=swa4) DD.exe
DF 5.0a Expanded display for >99GB drives DF.exe
TOUCH 5.0a Fixed Daylight Saving and 2000 problem TOUCH.exe
LS 5.0a Fixed Daylight Saving problem LS.exe
UDATE 5.0a Fixed Daylight Saving problem + %h Month UDATE.exe
AT 5.0a Fixed Daylight Saving problem AT.exe
TAIL 5.0a Corrected "-f" follow problem TAIL.exe
  4.3f up to 20,000 arguments/files in a directory can now be processed!  
GETRNG 4.3f New Numeric value filter
(Get Range)
CPIO 4.3f New MAXSIZE environment
to exclude files exceeding the max
Example: set MAXSIZE=50M
Excludes files larger than 50,00,000by
DU 4.3e Works now also for >2GB folders
and -l option to show progress
CbMgmt 4.3e Improved License Manager CbMgmt.exe
(U)SORT 4.3e Added missing CR(0x0d) to output(-o) USORT.exe
COMM 4.3e Corrected extra CR(0x0d) COMM.exe
FGREP 4.3e Ignore case with -f option fixed FGREP.exe
AT 4.3e Y2K Compliant AT.exe
TOUCH 4.3e Y2K Compliant TOUCH.exe
EXPR 4.3e Adds line feed also in floating
point output (option -f)
DF 4.3e Nows works also with drives
larger than 2GigaBytes
WHICH 4.3d Fixed false stop of scanning
if the PATH contains ;;
TXTBOX 4.3b Corrent License check txtbox.exe
MSGBOX 4.3b Corrent License check msgbox.exe
INPBOX 4.3b Corrent License check inpbox.exe
(U)DATE 4.3b added new %Y option for year 2000 support (Y2K) udate.exe
CbMgmt 4.3b New License Management Utility
fixing NT installation bug
OD 4.3a corrected mixup -h and -m option OD.exe
TR 4.3a corrected extra CR in output TR.exe
M4 4.2 Fixed comment and
underline in macro name bug
CLEAR 4.2 Fixed it CLEAR.exe
CUT 4.2 No padding on -c/-C option CUT.exe
UUENCOTE   Encode filename without directory path - otherwise like UUENCODE UUENCOTE.exe
UUENCODE 4.0a Fixed hang/remove of input file with one argument specified UUENCODE.exe
WHICH 4.0a Longer Path (1000 char) WHICH.exe
KILL 4.0a Corrected problem with -y PID and
answer no
M4 4.0a Added -o{file} option for file output
instead of STDOUT
RM 4.0a Allow very long filenames on -i option
and allow ./filename arguments
UFIND 4.0a Allow blanks in {} for -exec option and
added -rm (remove) option
UD16TXTP ALL UnixDos Documentation in Text Format  
4.0a New Version 4.0 UnixDos Online Help ud32hlp.zip

Just load the new executable and replace them on your machine.

New UnixDos Programs and changes:

(Since Version 4.0c):
Changed: (U)DATE - added +%Y option for year in 2000 format (1970-2069)

(Since Version 4.0b):
Changed: M4 - new option to output to a file instead of STDOUT
Changed: KILL - Corrected problem with -y PID and answer no

(Since Version 4.0a):
New: KILL - Terminate process (by PID, HWND or text match, custom message option)
New: WAIT_END - wait for process to complete before returning to command line
New: INPBOX - Display message and prompt user for input, pass result as data file and exit code
New: MSGBOX - Display message box and pass result as exit code
New: TXTBOX - Advanced text viewer with optional buttons, pass user response as exit code

Feel free to submit any suggestions to us: Unixdos@pobox.com

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