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UnixDos running on Windows 8/7/Vista etc (32bit+64bit)
Ver 5.1a (Feb 19th, 2011), Size 5.33Mb

After you downloaded the UnixDos Setup package - install using the following quick steps:

The folder were the UnixDos utilities will be installed is "C:\UnixDos

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UnixDos Manual Installation:
As an alternative to the automated setup above - you can also install Unixdos manually:
a) Download  UnixdosSetup.zip(2.92MB) 
b) Extract all files to the C:/ folder - the C:/UnixDos folder will be automatically created
c) Add the C:/Unixdos folder to the System PATH environment - ControlPanel/System/Edit System Environment - 
d) Open a Command Window (CMD.exe) and enter any UnixDos command:
df -a

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UnixDos for 16bit Windows 3.X/MSDOS (Version 4.2a, Size 4,767,491 bytes)
After you downloaded "UnixDos for Windows 95/3.x" unzip it in a temporary directory and run Setup.exe!
(Click here to get WINZIP or PKUNZIP evaluation copies)
After you download "UnixDos for Windows 3.X/MSDOS" install with:
md c:\unixdos
cd c:\unixdos
pkunzip \download\unixdo16.zip
edit c:\autoexec.bat (Add PATH=...;C:\UNIXDOS)

(Note that we are no more updating the 16bit UnixDos version, the 16bit version is "as is")

UnixDos for Windows 95/98/NT Online Help(only) (Size 222,584 bytes)

UnixDos Online Help for Windows 3.X (Size 218K)
PADGEN UnixDos XML Descriptions file here

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