Real-time visual Portfolio Manager (RTVisPM) - Updates
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Below is a list of the updates to the "Real-time visual Portfolio Manager (RTVisPM) ".
If you have any earlier version just download the full package and reinstall.


1.2a >Added Chart Module
>Added Bollinger Bands
>Added 3 Moving Averages (Exponential or Linear)
>Added Chart Entry price tracking
>Added Interactive Broker Bride to sync PM to IB automatically 
1.1e >Added persistency for Exit details - per symbol/;timeframe
>Added Loop
>Added Session Recording
>Added Data Import
>Added Commission./Fee change midstream
1.1d >Added integrated Charting Module
>Added Exit value  spin controls (Target + Stop) 
>Added Goto/Jump
>Added Database manager
1.1c >Added dynamic Replay Speed Change
>Added Position Bar Region Up/Down spin buttons for Min/Max Display
1.1b >Added Market Long/Short Entry Button
>Added Demo Replay
1.1a >Added PositionBar
>Added also Tick(T) and Percent(%) Bracket Exits
  Future Improvements
  Also provide a PM mobile App

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