Professional Software - Remote Login Instructions

In many cases it is much easier to assist you via a temporary remote login to your computer;
and walk you through various installation and operation steps while we talk on the phone.
Available free remote desktop software: ● TeamViewer and ● GoogleRemote and ● SkypeRemote and ● 


1. First you download the TeamViewer Package(Windows) or Mac and start the setup 
Cached: Ver14 Win 2019  (Ver12_Win)   (Ver12_Mac) (Ver10_Windows_8.5MB)  Reset  
2. Select basic options:
a) Basic Installation
b) Personal
c) Click on "Accept" button
Then click on the "Accept" button 
3. When the installation is finished - the TeamViewer Window appears.
Send us your Teamviewer ID (example: 755 706 071) and the current Password (example: y915ka or 6612):

The password changes on each new Teamviewer login, but the Teamviewer ID is stable.
4. When the session is completed you can close the TeamViewer from the main menu:








REMOTE CONNECTION via Google "Chrome Remote Desktop"

1. Open/Download Chrome Browser and go to Settings: chrome://settings/ 
This Video shows you the steps
2. Sign in to your Google/Gmail Login
3. Download the "Chrome Remote desktop App" from here: Windows   Once installed  - the new "Chrome Remote Desktop" 
will appear as a new App Icon in the list of Apps: chrome://apps 
4. Double Click on the new "Chrome Remote Desktop" and click on the Share Button:
Accept Terms, download and install the new Software (only once needed) and click on OK to continue....
5. Email the unique Access Code to me ( (each connection generates its own new code)









  Sample Video 
1. Install free Skype (unless you have already Skype) from: 
2. Sign in - or create a Skype Login and call me at:

Once Skype is connected - tap or click the plus icon in the call bar, then choose Share screen:












1. Download and follow the setup steps
2. When the JoinMe setup is completed - you will see a new Control Panel on the top of the screen - showing your screen ID:
Send us your screen ID (in this example: 119-987-486) so we can start the remote session
3. Once we connect - we will request to also use your mouse - allow the mouse remote control:
4. You can pause the remote session - click on the screen icon on the left -OR-
close the remote session - click on the "X" close button on the top right.






  Skype Prev: skype-7-15-333-multi-mac.dmg
1. Download and start the Mikogo setup (mikogo-starter.exe) 
or download from Mikogo 
1. Create a free Account at:
when the registration is complete - click on the download button:
2. When the install is complete - the Mikogo window appears - enter your new User Name (Email) and password:
3. Click on top left Power Icon and click on "Start Session":
4. Send us your 9 digit session ID - so we can connect:






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