PSS Stop Watch Module (PSS_SW)  

The PSS Stop Watch Module allows you to run a countdown of X minutes and select any custom sound when the time expired.
A free product developed by Professional Software Solutions LLC - contact us for any custom software and consulting needs:  

Download PSS Stop Watch Module here (Version 1.2a) 6.8MB


How to start the Stop Watch:
a) Set your countdown/stop watch length (60 Minutes)
b) Select the sound to play at the end (Harp)
c) Set your periodic interval (see below for details)
    0=No Interval, 15=Every 15 Minutes, -15=Random average 15 Minute reminder - great for Zen/Vipassana Meditation surprise acoustic reminders)
d) Select the sound to play at for the periodic reminders (TickTock)
e) Press START button (or File/Start StopWatch) 
The cyan progress bar continuously move - as the stop watch counts - and you can see the duration and remaining time [40:29 - 19:31].

Changing Colors: 
You can change the progress color and background color - just open the color selection box via File/Change [Background] Color:

And select/create the color you would like to change to:

Color example:

Interval Reminder: 
As the stop watch is counting down - you might want to get a periodic acoustic reminder - set the number of minutes in the interval box.
If you enter 0 no interval sound will be used.
If you enter a negative value - the interval will use a random length - averaging  the number of minutes,
which might be fun for the Zen/Vipassana Meditation to surprise you and bring you back from drifting into thoughts instead of staying present;
Example 30 minutes, surprise random reminder on average every 3 minutes: