Momentum Indicator System for NinjaTrader8 (PSSMomSys)

The fast low-lag "PSS Momentum" indicator allows you to track the momentum & trend direction and strength
for any market (Stocks, Futures, FOREX etc) and any timeframe and can be intergated in an automated trading strategy!
A very strong up momentum will generate a momentum of around +100 and a very strong down momentum -100.
You can smoothe the fast low-lag momentum via the "Smoothing" parameter is available

"PSS Momentum" indicator Topics:

Momentum Indicator for NinjaTrader8
Try the "PSS Momentum" indicator for free for 7 Days!

  • Download the "PSS Momentum" indicator - click the button above
  • Select in NinjaTrader8 Control Panel - Tools/Impoort/NinjaScript Add-On
  • Navigate to the downloaded file and click on "Open"
  • Click OK on the import warning box - check "Don't show this message again" for next time
  • Click OK on import confirmation box
  • If a "duplicate" error occurs - Control Panel - Tools/Remove NinjaScript Assembly and select "PSS Momentum"
You can buy an One Year License for the "PSS Momentum" indicator for only $129.95 (per machine/computer)!

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You can adjust how many recent bars the "PSS Momentum" indicator is using for the calculations - via the "Lookback" indicator parameter.
The default is 30 bars and the minimum is 3.
The samples below shows the difference between Lookback 10, 30 and 100 - on a AAPL 15 Minute chart:

Lookback Periods

You can adjust the "Lookback" period in Bars and "Smoothing" of the Momentum Calculations via the Indicator Parameters:
Momentum Indicator for NinjaTrader8
You can adjust the momentum smoothing in the "PSS Momentum" indicator - via the "Smoothing" indicator parameter.
The default "Smoothing" is 6 bars. A "Smoothing" of "1" will disable any smoothing and show the raw/direct momentum.
The samples below shows the difference between "Smoothing" 1, 6 and 24 - on a AAPL 15 Minute chart:

Lookback Periods
The "PSS Momentum" indicator can be used with any Market - as shown below:

Market Example
Stocks AAPL
Futures ES 03-19
Cryptocurrency BTCUSD
The "PSS Momentum" indicator can be use also in any timeframe - as shown below:

Timeframe Example
Minutes 15 Minutes
Ticks 10000 Ticks
Volume 100000 Shares
Seconds 30 Seconds
Daily Daily
Below is a sample screen shot - comparing the "PSS Momentum" indicator to ADX/DMI (SPY Daily)

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