Export Database Query (DbQuery)       

DbQuery allows you to run a stored database query and export the result
to XML(default), CSV, TXT or HTML format.
DbQuery writes the output by default to 'query.fmt' (fmt:XML, CSV, TXT or HTM)
unless you specify with the '-o' option a different output file.
If you specify '-' as the output file Dbquery will write to the standard output
Numeric columns are exported right justified in HTML format.

DbQuery writes all diagnostics to a log file "logs/yyyymmdd/DbQuery.log"
Note that In demo mode up to 100 records can be exported.

usage: DbQuery [-s] [-f{fmt}] [-d{db}] -n{name} [-o{out}]
-f = FORMAT  : Specify output format: XML,CSV,TXT,HTM (default XML)
-d = DATABASE: Specify database input file (default Sample.mdb)
-n = NAME    : Specify name of query (required)
-o = OUTPUT  : Specify output file (for STDOUT use '-', default {name.fmt})
-s = SILENT  : Dont show diagnostics (XX Records written..)
(For Query parameter use {In}.par - use one line for each parameter

Example1 (Default XML export):
DbQuery -d Sample.mdb -n Catalog
Written 69 record(s) to Catalog.xml
DbQuery has exported 69 records to Catalog.XML and written the structure to Catalog.DTD

Example2 (CSV export to specified output file):
DbQuery -f csv -d Sample.mdb -n Catalog -o Cat.csv
Written 69 record(s) to Cat.csv
DbQuery has exported 69 records to Cat.CSV


If you run this command on Feb 18th, 2001 the logfile would be created in:
INIT   |11:36:18.906 |====== Opening C:/DbTkXml/logs/20020309/dbquery.log ======
DbTkXml|11:36:18.996 |ExecCmd: opendb Sample.mdb
DbTkXml|11:36:19.076 |ExecCmd: runsql |Catalog||XML
RunSQL |11:36:19.146 |Written 69 record(s) to Catalog.xml

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