Crypto & Portfolio Monitor (CryptoPortMon/CPM)

Enjoy new "Crypto & Portfolio Visual Monitor(CryptoPortMon/CPM)" - your "window" to tracking your cryptos and portfolio details!
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The new new "Crypto Portfolio Visual Monitor(CryptoPortMon-CPM)" allows you to:
● View your portfolio updates online in real-time anywhere - click "Online" button to view portfolio link
● View up to 100+ crypto coin prices in a unique PARALLEL VIEW 
● Find best crypto performers instantly 
Automatically calculate average and totals of multiple coin entries  
● Capture chart in picture file
● View your crypto portfolio details instantly: Profit amount and percent for each position
● Create you own custom portfolio and track your profit amount and percent for EACH crypto and Total!
● Enter Multiple positions for the same symbol for several entries - Example: 0.10 BTC at 20,000 and 0.20 BTC at 25,000 etc 
● Find future crypto price needed for each crypto to reach specified goal (like $1million) 
● View actual BTC etc price chart for only the selected crypto of portfolio amount
● Crypto Monitor updates in real-time automatically 
● View price changes relative to selected reference crypto - ie Bitcoin/BTC
● See the real-time market cap of each crypto - Example MktCap.txt 
● Export crypto data to spreadsheet for further processing
● Customize the color used for each crypto
● Choose your date range between 5 Years(daily) and 2 days(1Minute points)
● Hide/Show/Bolden specific crypto 

Demo Videos:

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Install & Introduction:
Compare to BTC, SOL etc:
Create & Edit your Portfolio:
$1Million Goal calculate projected Coin values :
Setup your Subscription  Capture Chart screenshot 
Zoom In & Out / Custom Range View single Price Chart  
Export Crypto & Portfoilio Data View Top Cryptos & MarketCap List 
Resize CPM Window  Adjust Chart Background Color  
View Log & Configuration Automatic Chart refresh
View Your Portfolio Online Create $10,000 per Position Portfolio
Average&Totals (Coins,Wallets,Types)  Amazing 303%/Year Investment (Bitcoin) 

In the 6 Month sample screen below - we can see how the major cryptos(BTC, ETH, SOL, BNB, XRP, ADA) move in relation to each other 
as percent change from the same starting point 6 month ago - similar to a horserace!
Showing how SOL and AVAX are taking the lead - tagging each other - and ETH & BNB are lagging - so far:

In the sample screen below - we can see how 4 major cryptos(BTC, SOL, ETH, ADA) move in comparison (BTC, ETH, SOL and ADA) ,
Showing how Cardano(ADA) is catching up to Solera(SOL) surpasing Bitcoin(BTC) and ETH:

In the sample screen below - we can easy compare the selected crypto to the main BTC reference (thick gold line) - and see that ADA had initially a strong lead over the last 3 months:

In the sample screen below - we can easy identify the crypto "running away" from the pack (AXS) [2 weeks on July 16, 2021 in 1344 15Minute data points]:


Available subscription plans:
Click on the "Subscription" button 
in the "Crypto & Portfolio Monitor" application!
Automatic 10 day trial:
Available plans:   
● Monthly Plan  $4.99/Month
● Quarterly Plan  $3.99/Month = $11.97 every Quarter
● Yearly Plan $2.99/Month = $35.88 every Year
● Unlimited Plan     $1.39/Month(6Years) = $99.99 once
  Trial alert box until your subscription is activated:    
  When your subscription is activated - you see the expiration date:


Crypto Monitor Portfolio(CMP) File Format:

The Portfolio details are saved a " Crypto Monitor Portfolio(CMP)" text file in the home folder:
Sample.cmp in folder Documents\CPM  
The CMP file can be opened as a CSV spreadsheet file (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet etc) and contains:
1. A header at the top in the first line
2. The Portfolio TOTAL line (no positions)
3. One line for each position: Symbol,[Quantity,EntryPrice,[Description]]

Example 0.2 BTC bought at 25,000 and 3 ETH bought at 2,200:

TOTAL ,0,0,"",
BTC   ,0.20,25000.00,"Category",
BTC   ,0.10,28000.00,"Ledger:IRA:",
ETH   ,3.00,2200.000,"",

Presenting this amazing 303%/Year Investment (Bitcoin):
● Go to: 




Download & Install on Windows:
● Login as ADMINISTRATOR and download CryptoPortMon (CPM) (Version 1.8a) and follow the instructions
● Wait for the preparation to complete and allow CPM install to proceed:  

● After a few seconds the CPM Install screen appear - click on "Next" and "Finish"    
● You can use the new CPM Desktop icon to start "Crypto & Portfolio Monitor (CryptoPortMon-CPM)" again
● You can also run manually "C:\Program Files (x86)\CPM\CPM.exe

Installation Message:
● If you get the following error - run the following one-time installation vcredist_x64.exe:
and - if the error persists - run also the installation files in  

Download & Install on Mac OS:
One Time JAVA Install:
■ Install Java from: and 
■ Open Java App file:

CPM Install:
● Open the "Main Storage"
● Create a new "CPM" Folder in the "/Library" folder "/Library/CPM"
● Download CM.jar (Version 1.8a) into this new CPM folder: "/Library/CPM/CPM.jar"
■ Open a Terminal/ and navigate to "cd /Library/CPM
■ Start the CPM Java Application "java -jar CPM.jar"



Alternative Windows Install:
● Login as ADMINISTRATOR and download CryptoPortMon (CPM) (Version 1.3d) and follow the instructions
● Allow install and click on "More Info" and then "Run anyway" and "then "Yes" in the UAC:  


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