Chart Algo Trader (CAT/ChAlgoTrd) from Professional Software Solutions (PSS)

Welcome to the new "Chart Algo Trader (ChAlgoTrd) Trading Platform"!
ChAlgoTrd is currently in development and will allow you to trade using Interactive Broker(IB).

Chart Algo Trader (CAlgoTrd) ComparisonKey:
Intruduction to ALgo Trading   xx
ChartAgloTrader Tradestation MultiCharts AmiBroker InteractvieBroker SierraCharts NinjaTrader MetaStock IQBroker
  (CAT)       (IB)        
Chart Trading
Ethereum (ETH)
 Litecoin (LTC)
Market Replay
Walk Forward 
Algo Live Trading
Algo in Chart

Chart Algo Trader (CAlgoTrd) Key Features:
You can trade Stocks, Futures, Forex, Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) etc
Easily setup your custom Algo trader logic - taking the emotions out of trading
View your Algo Trades in the Chart and check visually if each trade is correct
Backtest  and "test-drive" your Algo using the integrated high-speed Backtester to check historic results (10x Faster than TradeStation, MultiCharts or AmiBroker etc) 
Run advanced Walk Forward backtesting for added result stability 
Advanced integrated Backtest Analyzer (BTWFMgr)
Using easy AlgoLanguage or Java to for your Algo programming
Switch to LIVE TRADING - with a simple switch (Using  IB for trading)
Reuse Indicator WITHIN Strategy
Affordable prices 
Zoom Charts (Wheel) Higher Timeframes visible in background (dimmed, grey)  
Exact Trading Monitor for Accounting
Forum for quick answers and Knowledge base
Very few platforms actually offer true historic backtesting - were you "test-drive" your Algo and check what works or not without loosing a single cent!
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IB has the lowest Commission Rates in the Industry:
US Commission Rates Comparison (100 Shares)
Interactive Brokers  $1.00
E-Trade $6.95
Fidelity $4.95
Scottrade $6.95
Schwab $4.95
TD Ameritrade $6.95
Vanguard $7.00