Smart Backup Manager (BUpMgrPss)  Main Page
"Never lose your data/files again!"

Welcome to the new "Smart Backup Manager (BUpMgrPss)
which allows you backup and mirror all your data to your external backup drive(s).
You can also just analyze the backups and purge extra old files.
Sample Screen:
Demo Videos
Running the Backup:
To start the smart Backup - simply click on the "BACKUP" Button after you added all folder to be backed up!
All buttons will be disabled - but the "Abort" button is enabled - allowing you stop the backup process.
When the backup run is complete - you can view all the files and details of the run:

Click YES to view the run file - Located in the C:\Database\BUpMgr\Run folder:

You can open the run report file at any time - which are all stored in C:\Database\BUpMgr\Run folder:
Example: C:\Database\BUpMgr\Run\Run_20160415_103654.txt
Add Folder
To add a new folder - simply drag and drop the new folder from the Windows explorer into the Backup Window,
which will add the folder into the source column and also into the destination column, were you can modify the Destination Folder (double click on the cell)
The drive for the new row is using the selected default drive(E:) - but you can change the destuination drive at any time - simply double click on the cell and change and hit ENTER
Delete Folder
To delete a foilder - simply black out any of the columns (Source, Drive, Destination) - double click on the cell and remove all text
Confirm that you really want to delete the row:
Move Folder
To change the backup sequence - simply click on the row to be moved and click on the "Move Up" or "Move Down" button:
Analyzing your Backup List
To just scan all the source folders/files - simply click on the "Analyze" button at the top.

This will show you how many files and GigaBytes(GB) you have in each of the Source folders - Example:

Edit your Backup List
The Backup Lists are simply stored as a file (CSV spreadsheet text) you can also directly edit:
3 Columns - Source Folder + Destination Drive + Destination Folder

As a text file:
File Locations:
The "Smart Backup Manager (BUpMgrPss)"  base folder is: C:/Database/BUpMgr   
The backtest lists files are: C:/Database/BUpMgr /*.txt     
The backtest log files are in: C:/Database/BUpMgr /logs/YYYYMMDD/bup.log