Universal Trend Detection System (UNITRDES) Download
(Professional Software Solutions)

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Check the Update Page for recent improvements and new features.
All files are installed into the UT base folder:
Be sure you have Administrator privileges!

Multicharts Download:
Universal Trend Detection System (UNITRDES) Download (Ver 1.4d (Sep 6, 2017), Size 12.2MB)

Tradestation Download:
Universal Trend Detection System (UNITRDES) Download (Ver 1.4b (May 4th, 2016), Size 6.13MB)

You have 15 days to evaluate and test UNITRDES on your computer(s). and on first use this message box appears:

The location were the "Universal Trend Catcher (UNITC)" usually will be installed is:
"C:\Program Files\Universal Trend Detection System (UNITRDES)"  or
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Trend Detection System (UNITRDES)"

MultiCharts Import Instructions
After you have downloaded and installed UNITDES from the link above,
you can then import UNITDES also into MultiCharts:  

ASCII Data Import:
Open the MultiCharts Quote Manager
Select File./Import:

Add the new Symbol (GOOG, AAPL, XLF, EURUSD etc) and select the appropriate Category/Exchange:
Right Click on the new symbol and select Import ASCII:
A new import windows opens - Navigate to the UT Home Folder: C:\Database\UT_MC  
and click on the txt or CSV file for import - then click OK:
Wait for the import confirmation: (Nw the sample chart etc can be opened with the corresponding data!)
UT Logic Power Language Import:
During the Power Language Import - confirm all UT_XXX functions import and click on OK:
Now the import process starts and completes with the box:
Now we compile the newly UT_xxx imported function - select Compile/All Uncompiled:
After a few seconds the compile process completes:
Now in the Chart:
Insert Study and select UT_Trend or UT_Bar -or-
Insert Signal UT_TRD

"Universal Trend Detection System (UNITRDES)" Main Page

Alternative download method
On some computer the following error during the installation might appear:

Follow the steps below to install the Trend System manually:

Verbose MC DLL4

  Copyright 2004-2017, Burkhard Eichberger, Professional Software Solutions
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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