Live Time, Attendance and Activity Tracking Manager (TATMgr)
                    (Professional Software Solutions)
Have you ever wondered were all your time goes or do you have to keep track of your time professionally?
The new "Live Time and Activity Tracking Manager (TATMgr)" will help you keeping track!
The Time Tracker offers the following functions:

Sample screen of the Time Tracking Manager in Action:
A picture is worth a thousands words:

You can see the 4 main categories - each with its own color:
1. Work (Green)
with 4 branches (Client1,Client2,Project1 and Project2)
which are broken down into SubBranches (Design, Implement etc)
2. Administration (Blue)
with 3 branches (Meetings, Timesheets, Misc)
no SubBranches
3. Breaks (Red)
4. Stop (Grey)

Time Tracking
The Tracker automatically combines all accumulated times into the upper items
Here is one example show above:

Implement [1:19:04] spent overall in 1:19:04 in SubBranch Work/Client1/Implement
Phone [30:54] spent overall in 30:54 in SubBranch Work/Client1/Phone
Client1 [1:49:58] Branch total - adding Implement [1:19:04] plus Phone [30:54]
You can see all events displayed when you just point the mouse over an item:
Work [6:45:30] Combines Client1+2 and Project1+2 totals

Modify Layout
You can right click on any Task and modify the Name/Color/Font etc.
and also insert new tasks above,below or to the right.
Here is the popup menu:

Conventient Database Storage
Each time you switch to a different task the Tracker is writing an new Event record into the History - see the report above.
The Tracker can also write to your local Micorsoft Acess® and the central SQL Server® corporate database,
allowing you any kind of custom analysis and further back-end processing:


Example of the Activity Report:

In this example you can see:

History/Event Spreadsheet View

In this example you can see the actual Attendance Event spreadsheet database file:

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