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To assist you better in generating the Schedule D Report
based on your transactions we are now offering this service to you directly
in the simple 4 step process:

1. Submit complete Transaction Data You send us all your transactions to be processed
via email attachment to:, email subject should be:
Subject: StockTax Request for First Lastname
2. Receive Quote + Request ID We check that we can process your type of data and
send you a price quote with a Request Identifier
3. Place Order Online You place the online order with the Request Identifier
4. Receive Reports Once we receive the completed order we process your transactions and
send you the results via an email attachment:
1. Transaction Report IRS Format (sample here)
2. Detailed Transaction Report (%/trade + statistics sample here)

 (The StockTax software is no longer available for download)

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StockTax 500 Trade Units - $50.00
(10 Cents/Trade)
Your Request ID
StockTax 1000 Trade Units - $90.00
(9 Cents/Trade)
Your Request ID
StockTax 2000 Trade Units - $160.00
(8 Cents/Trade)
Your Request ID
StockTax more than 2000 Trade Units
(8 Cents/Trade)
Your Request ID

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