PSS [Day] Trading Simulator (PssTrdSim) - Updates
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Below is a list of the updates to the "PSS [Day] Trading Simulator".
If you have any earlier version just download the full package and reinstall.


1.2a >Added Chart Module
>Added Bollinger Bands
>Added 3 Moving Averages (Exponential or Linear)
>Added Chart Entry price tracking
1.1e >Added persistency for Exit details - per symbol/;timeframe
>Added Loop
>Added Session Recording
>Added Data Import
>Added Commission./Fee change midstream
1.1d >Added integrated Charting Module
>Added Exit value  spin controls (Target + Stop) 
>Added Goto/Jump
>Added Database manager
1.1c >Added dynamic Replay Speed Change
>Added Position Bar Region Up/Down spin buttons for Min/Max Display
1.1b >Added Market Long/Short Entry Button
>Added Demo Replay
1.1a >Added PositionBar
>Added also Tick(T) and Percent(%) Bracket Exits
  Future Improvements
  Add RSI and other Indicators to Chart
  Allow Chart to be resized (bigger)
  Show also the Volume in Chart
  Simultar Intrabar activity (Open, High,Low, Close etc)
  Record Session Actions
  Check remote connection to TradeStation

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