Insider Trading & SEC EDGAR DB Monitor (ITSECFMon)
Insider Trading & SEC EDGAR DB Monitor (ITSECFMon) 

With the new "Insider Trading & SEC EDGAR DB Monitor(ITSECFMon)"  you can track and monitor in real-time any Insider Stock buying or selling!
We have collected 993,228 Insider Trading Transactions from 519,758 SEC Form 4+5 SEC EDGAR DB Entries.
Example BGNE Aug 11, 2017:
Trading Database:
Details from our Insider Trading Database - showing on Aug 11, 2017 (Filed Aug 14, 2017) a large BUY Transaction of 176,056 BGNE Shares at $71.00 for an amount of $12,499,976:

We meticulously created and maintain a unique detailed database of all recent insider trading records (Since 2017 ) to track major trading events:
Example: 8 Transactions for AMZM reported Aug 23rd, 2018: IT_AMZN1.xls 
Column Example Description
Ticker AMZN Ticker Symbol for Trading
Form 4 SEC Filling Form (4 or 5)
Seq 3 Transaction Sequence Number 1+
Max 8 Total Transactions
Shares -165 Shares Bought(+) or Sold(-)
Price 1893.1305$ Transaction Share Price
Amount -312366.53$ Transaction Amount
ShLeft 56805 Remaining Shares after the Transaction
ShStart 56936 Shares owned before these Transactions
PerChg -0.29% Transaction shares as percent of "ShStart"
Owner I Owner Code (D=Director, I=Investor 10% or more)
TrxCode S Transaction Code - see here for details 
DateTrd 8/21/2018 Date the Transaction took place
DateFile 8/23/2018 16:15 Date and Time the Transaction was reported/filled
CIK 1018724 Central Index Key (CIK) for AMZN
FileID 0001018724-18-000142 File Identifier for SEC Filling/Report

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