Stock Database Manager Trading Module (SDMTrd)

The SDM Trading Module (SDMTrd) provides trader with a powerful manual or 
automated trading control center.

The following functions are available in the SDM Trading Module (SDMTrd):

Sample Screenshots:

Available Trading Signals for automation:
- Enter Position at price EEE - if filled set stop loss to SSS and target to TTT
- Change Stop Loss to SSS - cancel previous StopLoss order
- Change Target to TTT - cancel previous Target order
- Exit position NOW (at market)
- advanced Exit position sequence - like:
   try sell 20 seconds at ask, then 20 seconds in between then at bid/market

"Rcvd(57)" shows that the Sell Market order(Prc=0) has been received from the broker
and is waiting for execution since 57 seconds
(market was closed, otherwise market orders are usually filled in seconds)

By default only the pending/live orders are shown (Show All Orders unchecked)

SDMTrd will watch the Signals.csv file for new trading signals to be executed:

Your strategy in TradeStationŽ will usually generate the trading signals in Signal.csv.

You can also write your own program generating your trading signals or
use SDMSig is the SDM Signal Generator module.