SDM System Server (SDMSrv)

The SDMSrv module job is to connect to the specified data service provider
and pass the data on to any SDM Module which requests real-time data,
thereby reducing the data feed overhead significantly because only SDMSrv will
actually connect to the data feed, while all the other SDM Modules (Chart, Trader, Signal etc)
get their data feed directly from SDMSrv.

The SDMSrv module will connect to the data feed specified in SDMSrv.ini:

You define with the SDMCfg module the details of Account1 or Account2 etc)

The initial symbol to be watched is defined also in SDMSrv.ini:


First SDMSrv will attempt to connect to the current data provider:

Then SDMSrv will recursively attempt to load the previous ticks until the market started:
In the From column you can see how far SDMSrv has caught up, incrementing on each
Load Batch the Load sequence number (Load1, Load2 ...)

The "Ticks" Column shows the new ticks since starting SDMSrv and the restored ticks
1390x24932 means 1390 new tick have been received and 24,932 have been restored.

Once SDMSrv has restored all missing ticks, it will show the lag between
the last tick time and the current System Time (if any) in Seconds: