SDM Charting and Logic Language

The following elements can be customized in SDM:

Chart Layout *.sdc Defines the Window(s) and their contents in the Chart
SDM Configuration *.sdf Defines the Symbol, Period, Time frame etc of the Chart and Backtest context
Indicators *.sdc Defines all the Indicators and customized values available in the Chart WIndow(s) to display
Trading Strategy  *.sdc Defines all the three aspects of automated Trading:
Warmup Exactly when to go long or short
Entry Defines all the basic exit parameters of the new Position
(called once when a new Position is opened)
Exit Defines the logic for custom exit conditions of the position
(called each bar a position is active)

All definition files in SDM are located in the SDM Definitions area:


Example the CCI Trading example is at:

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