Stock Database Manager Module (SDMDb)

The SDMDb module provides all the functions for you,
which handles all the data in your Stock Database.

SDM distinguishes between the three main data types:

Daily Data One bar for each trading day
(Accumulated to get for example monthly bars)
Intraday Data One bar for each trading minute
(Accumulated to get for example 10 minute bars)
Ticks One bar for each single trading tick
We have currently 1,048 Million Ticks available
See here for details

To automate sequences SDM offers the command line Data manager (DataMgrC.exe).

Commands available:

DeleteData:Sym|Type| Delete all data for the specified symbol and type
(Example: Delete:MSFT|T
Download:{Sym|@Lst[/@LAST]}|Type|nBack Download new data of Type and nBack bars back
(Example: Download:@SP500/@LAST|I|1)
Exit Exits the program
Import data from other data formats
(Example: Import:ES|1 Min|d:/sdm/import/ES_20010212.csv||+3600
same as Import, but removes import file after sucessfull completion
InitBase:Folder Initialize new SDM database at specified location:
(Example: D:\SDM)
Login:Provider|username|password ogin to data provider
(Example: Login:MyTrack|usr1|mydata123
Quit Exit the program
PrintData:[-][!]{Sym|@ALL}|Type|[Range]|[File] Create text file with data from database in same place as data file.
- in front of the symbol/list  will only print the headers not each bar
! in from of the symbol will only print the overview for each symbol
Example: PrintData:-MSFT|I|8/1/2002 - 8/16/2002
creates: c:/sdm/data/Intra/M/MSFT.txt
If you sepecify an output file data will always be appended
@ALL will print all symbols for the specified data type
Refresh:{Sym|@Lst}|Type Refresh data for specified symbol of list and type
(Example: Refresh:@AMEX/@LAST|D   or  Refresh:MSFT|D)

Sym=Ticker Symbol
Type=Data Type (1 Min,Ticks,Daily)
@Lst=SYmbol List @IDX,@SP500,@NYSE,@AMEX,@NASDAQ


How to import from Trade Station: