Checkpoint Optimization (SDMBT/SDMCha)

SDM allows you to use "CheckPoints" in the trading strategy development.

Checkpoints are selected potential trading entries
selected by your trading strategy in development.
The Checkpoint provides  a "snapshot" with the following details:

Step1: Insert checkpoints into Logic

Insert at all potential position entry point the "Checkpoint()" directive:

Step2: Create Checkpoint Spreadsheet

Start SDMBT and enable Checkpoints in the BT Setup.
Define the duration and time interval.
Then start the backtest for the dataset you specify.
SDM will create a new checkpoint CSV file in c:\SDM\Checkpoints\{Name}\YYYMMDD_HHMMSS.csv

Step3: View Result Chart

After the backtest completes press the "Chart" button to start the
viewing of the checkpoint results.
You can also start the chart and the in the Chart Setup switch to "Checkpoint" viewmode
and select the Checkpoint file you want to invesigate and optimize on.

Step4: Optimize Results

With the full set of ALL checkpoints selected you wil lusually see only a very marginal gain.
The task at hand is to add additional filter(s) to weed out bad entries and improve the result.
Open the Chart Setup and click on the "Edit Checkpoint Control File" button (\sdm\definitions\*.sdh)
This will open the file which controls the filter and viewing focus and details  of the checkpoint chart.

Here is a sample screen:

The big top section shows the Average of the Maximum Gain and loss of all selected checkpoints over time.