Welcome to the Stock Data Manager System (SDM)

As an example of the type of software we can develop we present you:
The Stock Data Management System (SDM)

It contains the following main modules:

Language SDM Charting and Logic Language
SDM provides a powerful language to describe your trading strategy logic and control all the charting parameters.
SDMCha Powerful Charting Module (SDMCha)
With custom programming language, position viewing, powerful navigation keys, live ticker etc.
SDMBT Back Testing and simulation Module (SDMBT)
With SDMSim you can back test your trading strategies with its automated multi dimensional parameter logic<
allowing you to find the exact optimum set of parameters no other affordable system can give you!
With the proprietary CheckPoint system you can optimize interactively with unprecedented precision and speed!
SDMTrd Automatic Trading Module (SDMTrd)
Manages automatic trading and trailing stop management and creates a trading log in CSV spreadsheet format for you.
SDMSig Trading Signal Generator (SDMSig)
Generates trading signals for SDMTrd to execute entry, trailing stop and exit commands,
based on the specified set of logic modules defining your strategies.
SDMSrv Live Data Server (SDMSrv)
Manages the collection of all live data to optimize the speed and minimize the internet data demand,
because all SDM modules get their data from this data server instead each having to maintain
individual duplicate connections to the stock data feed.


Stock Database Manager
SDMDb allows you to collect and manage stock data (Intraday, daily or ticks) directly to your machine.
Several data feed provider can be used. This stock database is the essential basis for any back testing and charting.
We have currently 1,048 Million ticks available and 1 Mill Intraday bars for the entire market (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX)
See here for details

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