Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT) - Updates
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Below is a list of the updates to the "Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)".
If you have any earlier version just download the full package and reinstall.


1.2k >Added backtest safety wait option (WaitBT):

>Adjusted input name change in new SierraChart Version 1750+
>Allow also NEGATIVE Numeric values (Float and Integer) during backtests:
1.2f >Added option to choose from the 3 backtesting Modes:

the new Time Based Modes use the alternative replay box:

1.2e >Added extensive new backtesting summary statistics - see here for more details
>Corrected special case: At the end the trades switch from permutation#431 BACK to an earlier Permutatio#2 (Check Picture)
   Download and replace C:/BTWFMgr/BTWFMgr.exe from:
1.2d >Added option to change the "Number of Bar Increment during Replay Backtest"
  Open: File/Configuration
> Added delay options for cases were the APPLY takes a while to update and recalculate the charts:
Wait14 - Wait period after pressing APPLY Indicator (milliSeconds)
Wait15 - Wait period after pressing APPLY Studies (milliSeconds)
Wait7  -  Wait period after setting new Study Input (milliSeconds)
1.2c >Added option to change the default Sierra Chart Base folder for Infinity Futures and Infinity AT clients (Transact) 
  Open: File/Configuration - then change the "Base" Setting to::  C:/SierraChart/SierraChartTransActMA    
>Improved Sierra Chart main window detection logic
> Set Symbols"/"Long & Short" in the " Trading Activity Log"

>Added New Backtest Definition option and Button and  {NEW} selection in pull down list
>Added automatic set to "Trades" Tab in the "Trading Activity Log"
>Added automatic set to "Simulated"/"All Symbols"/"Long & Short" in the " Trading Activity Log"
>Added Configuration options: File/Configuration and &Preferences (Ctrl+R)
>Added Help/About Box

1.2a >Added Edit current Backtest Definition option and Button
>Added View Log functoion
>Added "Show alll Permutations" option and Button
1.1e >Added Indicator download
>Added reliable remote replay logic
  Forum Threads: Optimization and Strategy Report  and Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT) 
  Future Improvements

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