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"Automatically run backtests for your Sierra Chart Trading Strategy!"
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Try the "Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)" on your computer today for 10 days for FREE:
Download and install: Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT) (Ver 1.2k11 Aug 28th 2018), Size 6.76MB) 
Check that you run the current SCBT version using the Help/About option.

At any time you can open the "Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)" again via:

OR: Start/Programs/
Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)/Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)
OR: directly from:

You have 10 days to test "Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)" for free;
which includes for free also the Trading Performance Analyzer (TrdPerfAna) $99 
During the 10 day trial period the Simulator is fully functional
All Files are installed to:


During the 10 Day SCBT free trial you can also run for free the "Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr)"  
We recommended to take advantage of the 10 Day free BTWFMgr trial opportunity - SCBT will prompt you to install BTWFMgr, when the 30MB setup file is ready.

Check the Update Page for recent improvements and new features.

PSS Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)
Check you license status anytime with the License Manager - Help/License Manager or:
Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)/License Manager.

When the trial license has expired - the License manager automatically opens:

After you first use the "Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)" you have 10 days for evaluation and testing..

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