RoboTrd - Working your order (Example1)

Below is an example how efficient RoboTrd can work your order!

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We will guide you thru all the steps in details ...

In this example we issue a BUY order for APPB for 100 shares.
We use the manual "FastEntry" function of the trader shown below:
wpe1.jpg (10102 bytes)
The symbol is automatically picked up from the current Level2 window in RealTick3 (APPB).
The share sizes can be configured to your preference (in this canse 100,300,1000).
If the available trading capital is exceeded the respective buttons are disabled.

Once the "Warmup" for our stock symbol (APPB) is completed we can bring up the Level2 window:
wpe2.jpg (60809 bytes)
The blue line(s) show the currently active symbols in the Trader (APPB).
In Level2 the ECN offers are preceeded with the double starts (**INCA) to set them visually appart
from the slower MarketMakers (SLKC, FBCO, GSCO, MLCO etc).

Submitting the Buy Order (The Starting Gun)
To iniciate the Buy order for APPB we simply click on the 1000 share LONG/Buy
button - were the mouse pointer is shown.

RoboTrd will instantly create a "Watch Position" which is overseing/watching over the buy process,
shown as the grey line with the green light for "go":
wpe3.jpg (37441 bytes)

Generating the first Live Order
The APPB Watch Position will instantly take a"look" at the current Level2 and issue one or several live orders.
We are simulating live orders, were no fills occur
In this case it is creating an ARCA/NOW order with a "MaxChase" margin of 0.16 above the Ask of:38.05
wpe4.jpg (7630 bytes)
The details of the submitted order:

Send        Order Status
Buy        Action
@!APPB Symbol and atributes: !=ARCA NOW, @=Outside of the current spread
1000 Number of shares
38.21 Share price
ARCA Route used
-1 No Time Expiration
0000-0001 Emulated Order Exchange ID