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Welcome to "Joi Sourcing" - the joyful journey back to the source and your original home! - You reached this place because you are ready! 
I am offering life coaching sessions - to assist you through your Life's challenges and help you find that inner fountain of joy and appreciation of Life again!

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My Bio 

I studied and practice Meditation since 1974 and explored many techniques. I also traveled to India many times, were Mediation originated and I received the name "Madhur".
This opened me to more and more clarity, depth and understanding in my Life and deepen the Joy and appreciation for Life!    
I grew up in Germany and went also through some difficult time early in Life. 
As a conscientious objector - I worked in a Nursing/Retirement home, which brought me - at an early age - face to face with death, mental and physical decay;
which was a blessing in disguise, because I learned to appreciate the preciousness of [my] health and life and starting my search for finding what is truly essentials,
because to loose sight of the big picture and so easy to get caught up in group and cultural distractions/conditions which do not help us in the end.

I then traveled many times to India to study mediation and learn about the ancient ways of looking at Life - who see Life as a very engaging circle.
I worked as an engineer, which helped me stay in touch with grounded actuality and I also enjoy solving challenging problems. 
I married and moved to the USA in the mid 1980's and continued to traveled many times to India and study Meditation and go deeper.
I am playing also electric guitar and compose music and published a children's book:

I lived in many wonderful places on this planet (see below) Hawaii (Maui and Oahu), California (Santa Cruz and Pasadena), Chile, India and Costa Rica - and I live currently in Colorado.
After so many years of studying so many different system, I realized that Life is essentially very simple and gratefulness, presence  and an open heart is all that is needed and
I am offering my 60 years of life experiences to assist you with Life's challenges and find that inner fountain of joy and appreciation of Life!

In many ways I feel like I a contemporary Vasudeva, the enlightened ferryman, who learned to listen to the "River", 
which to me is a potent metaphor to forever learn and listen to Life - in all its forms and perspectives - flowing endlessly!
[from Herman Hesse's Siddhartha a famous German author who tried also intentional communes with mixed result] 

I always could see the
BIG PICTURE and our world from a distance of a million years and miles and
learned how to build a telescope when I was 12 years old to see the stars and galaxies myself.
At 5 years Santa Claus came, but when I researched it closer - I recognized the Manager of the Kindergarden.
A bit later I read ALL the books, shelf by shelf, in the local Dornbusch Library and never stopped learning, expanding and studying  ... 
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Some samples of the wonderful places I lived-reflecting inner and outer beauty:


Vasudeva, the enlightened ferryman, is the guide who finally leads Siddhartha to enlightenment.
Siddhartha first meets Vasudeva after leaving Gotama and Govinda and immediately notices Vasudeva’s serenity. 
Although Vasudeva lives within this world, his presence seems to transcend it, and all who meet him feel his divine, enlightened energy. 
He does not boast about his power or wisdom but simply credits all knowledge he has to the river. 
His primary action, other than ferrying passengers across the river, seems to be listening to whatever wisdom the river imparts to him. 
He is such a powerful figure that when a desperate, suicidal Siddhartha, convinced he’ll never reach enlightenment, encounters Vasudeva a second time, 
he asks to become Vasudeva’s apprentice. In a way, Siddhartha relies on Vasudeva to save his life.
Vasudeva does not teach Siddhartha a complicated philosophical belief system, only that he should learn from the river and allow it to explain its wisdom. 
Throughout Siddhartha’s spiritual progression, Vasudeva keeps him moving in the right direction by prompting him to listen to the river whenever he has questions or doubts. 
In a bittersweet ending to their time together, Siddhartha’s achievement of Nirvana coincides with the end of Vasudeva’s time on the river and on earth. Vasudeva, 
who has literally and figuratively ferried Siddhartha to enlightenment, can now leave the earth, with Siddhartha taking over as ferryman. 
Vasudeva will live on in Siddhartha’s own enlightenment and teachings.

Vasudeva is a name for Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, one of the powerful gods in a Hindu trinity, and 
means “he who lives in all thoughts, and who lives in all people.” He is the most godlike figure within the book, yet he acts with surprising humility.

Vasudeva, the quiet ferryman whose name is derived from one of the names of Krishna, and which basically means "he in whom all things abide and who abides in all," is an unforgettable character. 
In Siddhartha's decision to stay by the river, he recalls the ferryman and resolves that his new life will begin again with the ferryman. 
Siddhartha's inner synthesis will be effected through a resolution of permanence and transience — and it is Vasudeva, as well as Siddhartha's own inner voice, 
which affirms that the river will prove to be the agent of Siddhartha's fulfillment. As Siddhartha requests that Vasudeva take him across, 
Siddhartha is completely absorbed by the tranquil human presence of the ferryman, as earlier he had been by that of Gotama Buddha.
The key to learning from the river, according to Vasudeva, is listening. 
We will discover, however, that before Vasudeva's knowledge can be of any significance to Siddhartha, it must be tempered with love. 
What Siddhartha learns from Vasudeva is an affirmation of life and a sense of harmony with nature.
After Vasudeva tells Siddhartha that the river has spoken to him, he tells Siddhartha that he will learn two things from the river. 
Already he has learned one of these: to strive downwards like a stone. Vasudeva cannot tell Siddhartha what the other thing to be learned will be, 
for it is a form of intuitive experience which defies verbalization. Vasudeva then tells Siddhartha about the job of ferryman, 
his task being to take people across the river and to give them directions once they get across. 
Symbolically, his task is to show men the way to salvation. He can only show the way, however. Men must attain salvation themselves. 
The conversation continues through the evening and into the night and, at its end, the narrative lapses into indefinite time.
One of the outstanding conversations of the entire novel occurs when Siddhartha asks Vasudeva about time. 
The ferryman tells him of the transcendent timelessness of the river, which brings Siddhartha to the realization that life is also a river and that past, present, and future are all one. 
Childhood, adulthood, and old age are separated only by shadows, not by reality. This, basically, is Siddhartha's Nirvana. 
This mystical union with simultaneity, with Brahma, forms the nucleus of the book. The conversation then culminates with Siddhartha's equating time with suffering, another basic idea of the book. 
We are reminded that the river embodies all creation, all layers of consciousness: It is the collective unconscious of man's ancestral soul in its ten thousand voices, and 
the eternal OM brings them to the surface of our consciousness simultaneously. The two ferrymen, Vasudeva and Siddhartha, become as brothers, united by the sacred river.

Years pass and we come to learn that Gotama Buddha is on the threshold of eternal salvation and his Buddhist followers are gathering to their teacher for the last time. 
Siddhartha recalls the living presence of the Buddha which has awed him so much, and he feels a strong bond with him.

The montage narrative again zooms into a definite time sequence as we observe the day when Kamala and her eleven-year-old son come to see Buddha. 
The observant reader somehow knows now that Kamala has been attracted to the life of the Buddhist monks, for she made a direct inquiry about Gotama when Siddhartha was taking leave of the city. 
The father-son motif is soon to be re-established, and we are to realize that the boy is one of the child-people. 
We are, however, given little hints that this boy will eventually seek his own goals despite his current recalcitrance. The most substantial hint lies in the fact that the boy is called "little Siddhartha."
After the events of the day, Siddhartha has another of his visions of the mystical transcendence of the river and of its transcendence of time, experiencing again the simultaneity and unity of all life. 
The next morning, as preparations are made for Kamala's pyre, Siddhartha's hopes are directed toward his son.  












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