Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr)
Overview Module
(Professional Software Solutions)

Below we describe how the BTWFMgr Overview Module functions (BTWFOV.exe).
You usually activate the
Overview Module via the toolbar button:

(or you
can use the menu: Function/Create Overview)
Then Confirm:

(You can also double click on BTWFOV.exe in the C:/BTWFMGr base folder)

Starting the Overview Module
Then the Overview Module prompts on how to proceed:

Typically you will keep the the default selection:
Current Strategy for ALL Symbols.
and click on "Start process" - which opens the "Overview Module" and
shows you initially all backtest results sorted by the yearly equity.

Changing the Base Folder
If you have stored your results in a different location you can change the basefolder:

Applying a results Filter
You have the option to filter the results.
Select "Modify Overview Filter" and click on "Start Process":

Then confirm that you would like to activate an overview filter - click on YES:

The Overview Module is prompting you next for a name for the new filter:

Leave default (or change to a new name) and click on SAVE.
Notepad will open and allow you to enter the filter details:

Modify and click on File/Exit and SAVE the changes.

Next time the overview module runs it will apply the selected filter and display a message if results have been filtered out:

(You can see more details which results have been skipped and why in the log file)

Overview Filter File Syntax:
Here is the syntax for the overview filter file:

Date= Defines the starting and/or ending date required.
Date=8/1/2009,8/3 15:00 between Aug 1st and Aug 3rd 3PM
Date=8/1/2009, after Aug 1st (no end date)
Date=,8/3 15:00 before Aug 3rd 3PM (no start date)
Date=, no date filter
Size= Defines the minimum and maximum btwf2 filesize (in Megabytes) required.
Size=25,200 between 25 and 200 MB
Size=25, at least 25MB (no maximum)
Size=,200 up to 200 MB (no minimum)
Size=, no size filter
Symbols+= Defines the symbol(s) to be included.
Symbols+=GLD,SPY,XLF select only GLD,SPY,XLF
Symbols+= no inclusive symbol filter
Symbols-= Defines the symbol(s) NOT to be included.
Symbols-=GLD,SPY,XLF skip results for symbols GLD,SPY,XLF
Symbols-= no exclusive symbol filter

Switching to another Strategy:
The overview module allows you also to switch to another strategy - just select "Switch to another Strategy":

Be patient - depending on the number of results this process might take a few moments!
When completed it will prompt you for the new strategy name:

Just click on the new strategy and "Switch to Startegy"

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