Binary Data Sort (BSort) for Windows - Online Order Page

BSort for Windows 10/7/95/NT (32bit) $40.00
Multi-User License depending on the number of CPU's (see here)
no Shipping & Handling - delivery only via download $0.00

Please note that there are no refunds since you can test the product in full BEFORE you buy it!

Before you submit your order for BSort obtain your PERSONAL CODE:

1. Start License Manager (Start/Programs/BSort/License Management)
2. Select "BSort" and click "Next"
3. Enter your complete email address and click "Next"
4. Write down your personal Code (or copy it to the Clipboard)
    (for Example: CODE:N38L+AFA9K1+BSORT@POBOX.COM)
5. Enter your PERSONAL CODE with your order

 Payment with PayPalŪ  
1 to 2 BSort licenses - $40.00 each  
Your Personal Code
3 to 9 BSort licenses - $35.00 each  
Your Personal Code
10 to 49 BSort licenses - $30.00 each  
Your Personal Code
50 and more BSort licenses - $25.00 each  
Your Personal Code

Price Discounts for BSort

1 or 2 CPU's $40.00 per CPU 
3 to 9 CPU's $35.00 per CPU
10 to 49 CPU's $30.00 per CPU
50 and more CPU's $25.00 per CPU

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To register BSort:
a) Open
C:/BSort/CbMgmt.exe  as ADMINISTRATOR
b) Scroll down to the BSort row and click NEXT:
c) Enter your email - example:
d) Copy and paste the BSort personal code and mail with order- Example:
e) Once you receive your registration code - paste it into the "Key" Field

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