Welcome to "Professional Software Solutions(PSS)"!
We provide custom software solutions for many satisfied clients - see testimonials!
and have been developing software for over 30+ years using object oriented design (C++ and Java) and a powerful modular approach;
from Stock and Futures trading systems/modules/platforms to commercial Database applications and GUI's etc.
Don't hesitate to contact us for any of your custom software and consulting needs at:

We offer the following products and services:

Software Consulting We offer custom programming for your needs for a reasonable hourly rate or a fixed project price!
We can also provide custom solutions for Interactive Broker, TradeStation, MultiCharts, ThinkOrSwim/Ameritrade  using Java or C++ or 
also port from other platforms: AmiBroker, SierraCharts, MetaTrader/MT4 etc!
From a simple utility to complex and powerful Applications - we deliver! don't hesitate to contact us - pss@pobox.com!
We create simple or complex trading systems/strategies and can back test and optimising them for you - see BTWFMgr for samples!  
We have been developing software tools and consulting for Interactive Broker (IB) for 10+ years and 
are available to develop custom software for your needs - email to: and are an accepted IB Programming Consultant
We have been developing software tools and consulting for TradeStation for 15+ years and 
are available to develop custom software for your needs - email to: and are an approved Easy Language Specialist:
We have been developing software tools and consulting for Multicharts for 10+ years and 
are available to develop custom software for your needs - email to:
We are offering the "Diamond Backtesting with Walk Forward Manager (BTWFMgr)" to
assist you with in-depth analysis, evaluating and optimizing your trading strategy.
BTWFMgr uses advanced powerful methods like Strategy Potential Analysis and Walk Forward Backtesting.
Sierra Charts
We are offering the "Sierra Charts Backtester (PssSCBT)" - which allows you to "remote control" Sierra Charts and 
run many backtest permutations automatically - using parameter ranges you define for each backtest run:

We are also available for developing software tools and consulting for Sierra Charts - email to:
Custom Backtesting Service We can run a backtest using your custom trading algorithm/strategy in a list of selected Markets and send you the results
Most T
raders use backtesting to assess the past performance of a trading algorithm.
This is an incredibly valuable tool as it allows us to obtain an idea of how a trading algorithm would have performed 
in the past without having to actually trade a system for long periods of time.
Video Capture Service We can capture your favourite video/media and send you the video file in any format (PssCapVid) (see below):
Send us the online link of your favourite video and we Send you the download link of the captured video file
Backup Manager(PssBuMgr) The "Backup Manager (PssBuMgr)" to allows you backup and mirror any list of folders to your backup drive(s).
You can also purge extra files and just analyze the folders.
Real-time Portfolio Mgr We are offering the "Real-time visual Portfolio Manager (RetVisPM)" to allows you to view all your positions in real-time etc.
Trading Simulator The new "PSS Day Trading Simulator (PssTrdSim)" allows you to replay any market at any speed and place your trades interactively!
The Simulator will keep track of the all your trades - so you get an honest and actual performance report/chart (no hindsight cheating!)
Repeat, jump and loop the replay as much as you like - improving your trading skills without risking any of your money!
Easily test your interactive trading skills in only minutes - not the usual 6+hours market session! - at adjustable replay speed - without risking a cent!
Check out the Simulator demo videos 
Chart Pattern Recognition The new "Chart Pattern Recognition Engine (PssCPRE)" allows you automatically detect sophisticated price and pivot patterns in Charts.
Examples of provided Chart Patterns: Gartley (Bullish/Bearish), Butterfly (Bullish/Bearish)`, Stackzone (Bullish/Bearish), AB=CD (Bullish/Bearish)
Bat (Bullish/Bearish), Crab (Bullish/Bearish), 5-0 (Bullish/Bearish), Shark (Bullish/Bearish), Drive3 (Bullish/Bearish), Cypher (Bullish/Bearish)
Trend System We are offering the "Universal Trend Detection System (UNITRDES)" to assist you in detecting the current trend in real-time
in any market (Stocks, ETF's, futures, FOREX etc) using an intuitive continuous color scheme. Includes is also an fully automated trading
strategy system. Advanced statistic algorithms are used and you can customize all trend parameters to your preference.
Eichberger Bands The "Eichberger Bands" detects automatically the real price band and trading channel and can assist you in discovering the regular oscillating patterns etc.
The "Eichberger Bands" also improve in many ways on the widely used Bollinger Bands Indicator. 
Portfolio Backtester Portfolio Backtesting Sequence Manager (BTSeqMgr)
Save hours by running backtests for your Portfolio - automatically in a customizable series of backtests with BTSeqMgr
for any list of symbols(Portfolio) and timeframes (overnight or over a weekend) in TradeStation®
Chart Indicators We are offering many powerfull chart indicators and personalized Services for TradeStation® to assist you in creating your own trading strategies, indicators, studies, Paintbar, showme, user functions, DLL interfaces etc.
We also offer training.and remote access interactive sessions!
Our rate is only $100 per hour for programming and telephone consulting. To help you improve and optimize further your TradeStation® Strategy Results,
we have developed the TradeStation® Performance Analyzer (PerfAna). To alerts you of the time left and closing of the current bar in real-time, we have developed the TradeStation® Bar Countdown Utility.
Trading Perf Analyzer The "Trading Performance Analyzer" module assists you in analysing in depth your trading performance of:
- Your actual trading records *import from nay sources)
- Strategy backtesting results (Instructions how to import your strategy backtesting results).
- Manually add/modify/delete your positions (Instructions how use the Position Manager)
- Custom Trading Records import (Instructions how to import from custom Trading Records)
Market Data Analyzer (PssMktAna) The Market Data Analyzer(PssMktAna) assists you in analyzing the entire USA Stock Market and ETF data:
- Collect daily data from all the ~8000 Stocks and ETF's in the USA Stock Market (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX)
- Calculate and update key values (Avg 20,50,200 day, Volume, Year Min/Max etc)
- Scan all symbols for any custom logic using daily data - Example MidCap Stocks more than 30% from 200 Day High 
- retrieve fundamental data for each Stock and ETF for smart filters (Mkt Cap, Shares out etc)
Mobile Apps
We are also developing Mobile Applications and are available to develop custom software for your needs - email to:
UnixDos The UnixDos Toolkit makes the full power of all the 64 main UNIX® utilities available under any Windows or MSDOS Environment. It allows you to do powerful tasks directly from the command line or batch files. In addition it provides 28 useful utilities beside the regular UNIX® set of programs. UnixDos contains many improvements over the standard UNIX® and offers also a much more powerful argument expansion than even UNIX® or DOS..
BSort The BSort Toolkit offers high-speed sorting of binary data files with any custom sort definition.
eBook Builder We will generate the eBook for you - ready for instant publishing (Amazon Kindle or other output formats)!
Our eBook Builder Service (PssBkBld) offers you an easy way to submit your new Book(s) (Word doc etc) for processing.
(All submissions are of cause completely confidential!)
LifeCoaching I am now also offering life coaching sessions - to assist you with Life's challenges and find that inner fountain of joy and appreciation of Life and
to assist you in the joyful journey back to the source and your original home!
Mediation Part of life are also conflicts, which can be challenging but also an opportunity to learn and accept our humanity and emotional needs of expressions and being heard/understood.
I will facilitate a mediation process to bring both parties closer to a resolution.
GlobalTemperature We are offering the "Global Temperature Database (GloTeDB)" to assist you in in depth worldwide temperature analysis and
trend detection with up-to-date data (continuously updated - recent update Jan6th 2014)
TimeTracker Live Time and Attendance Tracking Manager (TATMgr)
Have you ever wondered were all your time goes or do you have to keep track of your time professionally?
The new "Live Time and Activity Tracking Manager (TATMgr)" will help you keeping track!
Captures starting/ending of Tasks and Attendance with a single intuitive mouse click and stores all info
in a central SQLServer® database, local Microsoft Access® Database and CSV Spreadsheet file
DbTkXml Database and XML Toolkit (DbTkXml)
With DbTkXml you can export, import and analyze data in DBF, XML, CSV, HTML or TXT format allowing you to merge and synchronize data between databases. You can also execute SQL scripts and automate database tasks with a powerful scripting language or the custom programming interface. The database Explorer provides easy viewing and full export/import/query functionality.
Previous Projects Check out RoboStock  and SDM - one of our custom programming jobs!
Stop Watch PSS Stop Watch - keep track of time - with custom sounds     
IntCoMon Internet Connection Monitor (IntCoMon)
With IntCoMon you get an immediate alert when your internet connection is disrupted,
via sound and red system icon.
RndChk Random Checker - test your psycic abilities
Free utility which will roll the dice and display the random distribution for each number.
Try to "bend" the results for your favorite number by focusing your mental powers .....!
Change the number of values in RegChk.INI under [SYS] RollValues=6  and RollsPerRun=100000
StockTax Stock Trader Tax & Accounting Companion (StockTax)
Let StockTax do all the matching up of your transactions and calculate the exact Profit/Loss of each trade
to create your 1040 Schedule-D form for your 1998 Tax Preparation.
Your broker most likely will not provide you with this essential form! Why waste precious time?
DigPaint Digital Painter Tool (DigPaint)
With tool you can produce very creative and highly esthetic pictures:
Mp3List Mp3List.exe
Free utility which will create a Mp3 list (all.m3u) of all MP3 and WAV files in the specified folder including sub folders.
Mp3List also can create a randomized list in 'rnd.m3u' with the -r option
(Download to c:/winnt/system32 or c:/windows/system32)
use with UnixDos UFIND utility: ufind "C:\My Music" -type d -exec mp3list {} ;
mp3list (Create/Randomize MP3 Playlist) (Oct 15 2012 07:14:54)
mp3list [-r] [-l] [-x] {FolderName}
Creates 'all.m3u' for all mp3 or wav in {FolderName} and below
if '-r' is specified also creates 'allrnd.m3u'
if '-x' is created extended m3u list
mp3list -r [Path/]all.m3u
Settings are defined in: C:/mp3List.ini
Randomizes the specified '[Path/]all.m3u' list
and creates randomized output in '[Path/allrnd.m3u'
We also offer custom programming for your needs at reasonable rates
From a simple utility to full blown Windows Applications - we deliver!
don't hesitate to contact us!

Check out RoboStock  and SDM - one of our custom programming jobs!- 
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Windows God Mode: Create Folder with:  GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Video Capture Service:

We can capture your favourite video/media and send you the video file in any format (PssCapVid):
a) You send us the online link of your favourite video (Facebook, YouTube, News, etc) you want to capture (has to be accessible in the USA) 
b) I will capture and save the video for you after I receive the payment (see below)
c) Convert it to any video format you specify (mp4, wmv, mov, avi etc) 
d) Send you the download link of the video file:
$10 (< 10Min) $20 (10-30Min) $30 (30+Min)

up to 10 Min 

10 Min to 30Min


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